Asked Questions

If you have questions about the Twelve Million Plus app, we have answers.

Does the Twelve Million Plus app cost money to download?

No! The app is FREE to download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

My service member is retired. Can I still join Twelve Million Plus?

Yes! 12M+ is open to all military spouses, including: active duty, veteran, reserve, national guard, surviving, and Gold Star spouses.

Can I use my service member’s existing account to register?

No – in order to gain access to Twelve Million Plus, you must create a new account and register with as yourself, the military spouse.

I’m a veteran and military spouse. How do I create an account?

If you are both a veteran and a military spouse, you will need to register with a new email address and verify as a military spouse. 

Is Twelve Million Plus part of Instant Teams?

Yes! Instant Teams created the Twelve Million Plus app because we wanted to bring the military community together. 12M+ is the safe, digital home for the more than twelve million military spouses. 

What’s available in the app?

We’ve partnered with some incredible organizations to bring you exclusive content and events – only available on Twelve Million Plus. Don’t miss our live events, workshops, and guest speakers. Create an account and check out our upcoming events here!

Why should I join Twelve Million Plus?

Twelve Million Plus is the first and only safe and digital place for military spouses to connect and gather online. We wanted to build a secure place with exclusive content – only for military spouses. It is a place for connection and community as well as a central location for the many resources available to military spouses. 

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