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Instant Teams is a workforce on a mission. Our leaders and employees put customers first. We are committed to positively impacting the untapped market of military-connected talent.

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“I am so proud of our company, the growth we have been able to achieve together, and the economic impact we’ve generated for the military and veteran spouse community.”
– Liza Rodewald, Founder & CEO

Core Values

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We take ownership.

We each take personal ownership, in all things, by working with integrity and trust. We do what we say we will do, we do not take the easy road, and we do not misrepresent ourselves for personal gain. We always do the right thing, even when it does not benefit us directly.
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We serve with excellence.

We serve our customers, remote team members, and all others by going above and beyond to complete all work, communications, and daily interactions with a spirit of excellence.
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We communicate mindfully.

We communicate mindfully by seeking purpose and intention in all we say and do. We practice clear and respectful communication that builds relationships and leads to productivity.
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We embrace change daily.

We believe in continuous improvement and we don’t fear change. When we show up and aim to leave things better than we found them when we started the day, this practice naturally cultivates success and growth.
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We lead with intentional curiosity.

We enter all interactions with curiosity. Asking questions leads to better understanding and connection between customers, teams, and community. When curiosity is front and center, inclusion and possibility follow.

Our History

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Instant Teams was founded in 2016 by Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes.
Liza and Erica met as freshly uprooted military families in 2014. They quickly identified that they shared a common bond in not only the entrepreneurial and technology space but that they also had a heart for the community around them.
Throughout their professional journeys, they had both seen a need for disruptive solutions for remote team development. Companies craved immediate access to the best talent, while their peers and neighbors in the military community needed a direct connection to flexible work opportunities. Liza and Erica knew with their combined background in software development and community development, they could build a solution to bridge the growing gap. In April 2016, they came together to talk about what a solution would look like, and they’ve been focused on the future of work ever since.
The company launched as MadSkills, a website where military spouses could sign up to find available remote work positions from customers who joined to post remote jobs.
In January 2019, MadSkills rebranded to Instant Teams to better align with what Liza and Erica set out to do: quickly and efficiently build remote teams from a wealth of untapped talent. Early investors included The Founder Institute, Squadra Ventures, Frontier Venture Capital, and Right Side Capital Management.
Shortly after the rebrand, they launched their proprietary technology, which enabled the pivot to become a full remote team marketplace. Companies can customize remote teams using a skills-based hiring model and tech-enabled talent pipelines. In March 2022, Instant Teams closed their $13 Million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global.
Today, Instant Teams continues to lead the way as a remote team marketplace, improving the financial stability of military and veteran families and supporting a wide portfolio of customers and their remote teams.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Liza Rodewald

Liza Rodewald

CEO & Founder

Army Spouse

Erica McMannes

Erica McMannes

Founder & Chief People and Community Officer

Army Spouse

Chuck Brousseau

Chuck Brousseau

Chief Operating Officer

Donna Person Taylor, CFA

Donna Person Taylor, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

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