Assurance IQ + Instant Teams: A Customer Support Case Study

June 10, 2021

Meeting of the minds, and missions

Assurance’s mission is to protect and improve the financial well-being of its customers, team members, and communities by bringing access to financial services to more people, everywhere.

Their purpose is not just a saying on a coffee cup. Assurance’s customers rely upon them for life and health insurance, financial solutions, and protection of their loved ones. Assurance takes this responsibility to heart.

So, when we first met with the Assurance team, we were united by our shared conviction to create financial opportunities for more people. After all, at Instant Teams we’re on a mission to match military-connected professionals with companies, like Assurance, to deliver remote customer support and service.

These shared values were a solid start for our partnership.

Where innovative business and talent models Unite

From the beginning, Assurance’s breakthrough model was built to serve diverse customers efficiently, inclusively, and accurately. Its open architecture platform offers solutions from many insurance and financial services providers to enable choice and value for people across the socio-economic spectrum in new ways.

As opportunity widened to serve more people and consumer demand increased, Assurance needed greater access to a skilled and scheduled workforce.

Enter Instant Teams with its large pipeline of ready-to-work veterans and military-connected talent, and together, we are doing well by doing good.

Assurance is 100% cloud-based, making it well-designed to engage often untapped talent pools, such as those who need remote and flexible work, including military-connected professionals. Through our partnership, we bring dedicated, highly trained teams to help Assurance support its customers through some of life’s most important financial challenges.

Instant Teams has been a great partner to Assurance IQ. From the start, they took a vested interest in understanding our business model to ensure that they sourced the right talent to meet and exceed our expectations. Through Instant Teams, veterans and military spouses are providing quality support to Assurance IQ in serving our shoppers. It’s a win-win, and very fulfilling

-Chuck Brousseau
Chief Operating Officer, Assurance IQ

How we work: Guiding people to financial solutions

In collaboration with Assurance, we’re working to address customers’ changing needs and expectations, and to provide smart and efficient support on that journey.

Instant Teams now has more than 250 team members engaging with shoppers to help them navigate the Assurance platform, all with the end goal of providing customers with access to the products they need in a seamless way.

Assurance’s approach relies on technology and data science, but also prioritizes the importance of human guidance. Many consumers want to shop digitally, but they want the help of someone knowledgeable to make a purchase decision. The Assurance platform gives individuals the freedom to buy how they want to buy – whether that is fully online, or by speaking with a licensed Agent. Instant Team has been able to provide high-quality customer support and service to provide an excellent customer experience.

Opening access to financial opportunities

The pandemic has intensified the financial challenges of American households, making it essential to support people to access the solutions they need.

Since 2016, Assurance has helped over 77 million shoppers obtain needed products or information through over 343 million visitor sessions. Their customers come from all corners of the United States, and are a diverse mix of ages, genders, and ethnicities. Their data science approach has given them the ability to provide personalized recommendations to consumers, regardless of their demographics or financial situation – and we’re thrilled to be joining them on that mission.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished to date, but we are even more excited about what we can do together.

We’re just getting started.