NextGen MilSpouse: Happy Hour Podcast

“We welcome Erica McMannes to the Happy Hour to talk about what it was like to launch Instant Teams (previously known as MadSkills) and how her company is changing the conversation of what virtual work looks like for military spouses.”


Tandem Nomads: Building a Portable Startup

“Part of our Tandem Nomad community includes military spouses who share the same challenges and ambitious as all other expat partners.  Today we hear about one particular military spouse, Erica McMannes, who shares how she started her portable startup and began generating revenue in under a year.”


The Instant Teams Founder Story: Setting Out to Build a Remote Workforce

It’s been said that the quality of a founder relationship is one of the greatest indicators of success as new companies emerge and evolve over time. It’s also often assumed that founders who launch companies together are best friends or childhood buddies living out a dream. Yet the Instant Team founders were really just acquaintances for nearly 2 years until their diverse backgrounds yet commons visions aligned into a collaborative partnership that’s paved a new way into the future of work for both companies and their direct community.

(more…) Innovative Spouse-Owned Company Wins Major Grant

“As Instant Teams (previously known as MadSkills) Cofounder, Erica McMannes walked to the podium to give her pitch at the V-WISE Innovation Cup final, she looked poised and determined. She almost didn’t even apply for the pitch competition with prize money totaling $30,000. Running a growing business, TDY trips for her active duty husband, the challenges of organizing childcare for their two children and a heavy dose of fear was enough.  “We almost let it go,” she said.”