USAA: A Team Tip from Instant Teams

 “Staying connected as a team is important when you work remotely. Face to face video calls are essential to keep personal connections. Also set aside time for team building activities that you can do virtually (online workouts, chat nights) anything that promotes personal connection with each other.”

 Check out all the top tips for connecting with virtual teams from Briana Hartzell and USAA here:


Military Influencer Conference: Speakers that Ignite

The Military Influencer Conference is the first of its kind. A dynamic conference for digital entrepreneurs who share a passion for the military, we aim to prepare military members, veterans, and spouses for success as entrepreneurs. To do this, we have rallied together a diverse lineup of speakers, from Shark Tank winners to published authors, that will encourage and inspire. Through their unique struggles, stories, and perspectives, every speaker will compel you to greatness!


Watertown Times Daily: Dexter woman helps military spouses like herself find virtual success

Liza M. Rodewald has found a niche in creating work-at-home options. For Mrs. Rodewald, her “moment of truth” of finding a way to work from home happened in 2004 when she was employed as a software developer and was living in Alabama, shortly after graduating from the University of South Alabama. Her job involved lots of travel, which was especially taxing for her relationship with her then 16-month-old son.