Meet a Team Lead Thriving at Instant Teams



It’s no surprise that Instant Teams is known for (and so very proud of!) hiring the best military spouses for meaningful remote work. But, what is surprising for some learning about the company is that we also hire candidates without military affiliation. It’s a topic that comes up so often that we’ve added it first on our company’s FAQ list. 


Announcing an EPIC Milestone for Instant Teams and Military Spouses Across the Globe


It’s been a rough few weeks. With a tough 2 years almost behind us all continued unrest and uncertainty all around, many emotions come and go daily.

As a company seated in the hustle and bustle of the military community daily, we are no strangers to uncertainty but it never gets easier, in fact, just feels harder each time a new challenge, situation, or unexpected change steps into the picture.


Implementing a Remote Workspace Without Sacrificing Culture


Workplace culture is vital because it affects how happy, motivated, and productive employees are. It determines how teams communicate and interact with each other, affecting work performance and a company’s overall success. Implementing a remote workplace culture can seem challenging at first, but leaders can use specific strategies to build a positive culture that helps remote teams thrive.