Implementing a Remote Workspace Without Sacrificing Culture


Workplace culture is vital because it affects how happy, motivated, and productive employees are. It determines how teams communicate and interact with each other, affecting work performance and a company’s overall success. Implementing a remote workplace culture can seem challenging at first, but leaders can use specific strategies to build a positive culture that helps remote teams thrive.


The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Direct Hire and Staffing Solutions

As the impact of COVID-19 starts to settle, many companies are re-thinking “business as usual.” Fully distributed teams, a luxury until the recent pandemic, are growing in popularity even as cities and states declare it’s safe to return to work. Companies like Dropbox, Quora, Slack and Amazon continue to challenge the pre-COVID workplace model by proving that finding and hiring top talent, maintaining company culture and achieving optimum results are possible outside the confines of a traditional 9-to-5 on-site office environment. Organizations like those four – and others – offer fully remote options. Some work with outsourcing or third-party companies to assist their direct-hire efforts or apply cutting-edge staffing solutions to age-old challenges.


6 Black-Owned Military-Connected Businesses You Should Know About

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, we at Instant Teams stand and honor all of the great pillars and figures that have helped shape and mold Black History Month. This is not only a time to Remember the Legacy but also an opportunity to celebrate the Forming of the Future for BHM!