Case Study: Reset360 Customer Support Team

by | March 9, 2020

About Reset360

Reset360 sells hormone supplements, shakes, health programs and other products that are personally formulated by Sara Gottfried, MD who started a revolution in health and wellness for women.


Unmotivated Employees

Reset360 quickly gained interest in the market and started to grow their team, hiring 10-12 remote employees working in management, customer support, and marketing roles. However, most of these hires were not a strong fit for the company culture, so they lacked  motivation and ownership for their new roles, which caused inefficient communication with customers.

“When it comes to remote workers, we have to have people that display ownership, go above and beyond to provide excellence. This is what Reset360 was looking for.”

– Kenny Gregg, Reset360 Marketing Partner

Because the nature of the remote work positions, some remote employees lack motivation because they don’t have anyone to closely monitor them. Reset360 had experienced this with the remote employees they originally hired, so when the company set out to build a new team, it was searching for trustworthy people that were self-motivated, talented at what they do, and would take full ownership of their work and role.

Time-Consuming Hiring Process

Reset 360 knew they needed to replace their current employees and the time and effort this would take, especially because of the high-quality talent they needed. Simply because of the product nature and industry, hormonal supplements for middle-aged and older women, the company’s customers want to feel supported as they are taking on a new change in their health. Therefore, the caliber of the customer support team needed to be top-notch. In order to keep up with customer demand and the need for greater support operations, Reset360 needed a quick way to find qualified professionals and train them so they could start providing better service to the company’s customers immediately.

A Growing Sense of Frustration Among Customers

Reset360 continued to grow with thousands of customers to serve and approximately 2,000 orders to fill every month, the company needed a strong customer support team. However, the current employees on the customer support team were underperforming. Customer support tickets would go unanswered for 18-20 hours and customers were becoming increasingly frustrated with their employees and brand. The customer dissatisfaction started to take a toll on the company’s reputation, with a customer satisfaction rate of 60%. This was a top priority for Reset360 to fix.

“The company founders expect excellence; their reputation is everything to them.”

– Kenny Gregg, Reset360 Marketing Partner

Getting Started with Instant Teams

Once Reset360 started looking for ways to quickly build a new team from scratch, Instant Teams was recommended by a close, personal friend as a solution. Reset360 laid out what positions they were looking to fill, the required qualifications, and the culture fit needed to make the company successful and keep up with the volume of new sales and customers.

Since Instant Teams was recommended by a trusted friend, Reset360 knew Instant Teams was the solution they needed, and they partnered up to hire three new employees back to back within a limited timeframe. Instant Teams was able to provide the talent that Reset360 needed right away. Finding the right candidate, conducting interviews, and integrating the new hire into Reset360’s team was a seamless process. The company now has two customers support team members and one logistics team member from Instant Teams, and they are continuing to expand by hiring social media marketing and content writing positions through Instant Teams as well.

Not only have the employees hired through Instant Teams been able to perform in the role they were initially hired into, but have progressed through the company as well. One of the customer support employees hired now runs the customer support department and has been a phenomenal employee. Another employee hired through Instant Teams started in a part-time role at just 10 hours per week and is now working at the company in a full-time position. The employees hired through Instant Teams have consistently performed beyond expectations at Reset360 and continue to provide value to the company every day.

How Remote Employees Impacted Reset360

Customer Satisfaction Rocketed

With new customer support hired through Instant Teams, Reset360 saw a major improvement in customer satisfaction. The turnaround time for support tickets went from 18-20 hours down to 4-6 hours. Because of the shorter time for responding to tickets, customer satisfaction ratings rose from 60% to 97%.

Finding Talent is Simplified

One of the biggest benefits experienced from using Instant Teams was the time Reset360 has saved during the hiring process. The executive team at Reset360 doesn’t have to take the time to find and screen candidates. They just email Instant Teams to find what they need, and Instant Teams can find talent instantly; it’s as simple as that. Partnering with Instant Teams saves Reset360 time and energy they can use to focus instead on running and growing their business.

“It’s nice to have them all vetted and prescreened so we don’t have to go through that; we know what to expect from each candidate.”

– Kenny Gregg, Reset360 Marketing Partner

Contracts are More Flexible

With month-to-month contracts, Reset360 has been able to have more flexibility with the team they hire. Instant Teams provides Reset360 with the resources needed to continue to grow their dream team, filled with professionals who are qualified for their daily tasks and are a strong fit for the company culture.

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