How to Make the Most of Your Instant Teams Profile

by | October 4, 2019

With more and more remote opportunities coming through the pipeline here at Instant Teams, we often get asked how you can apply!

The short answer? We use our exclusive software, ARTI, to match your profile to jobs. And the more details you give us to make the matches, the better.

That said, to help you make the most of your Instant Teams profile so we can match you with a remote position that best fits your talents and experience, we hopped on a Facebook live to share our key tips!

Here were our favorite tidbits to guide you through the process of creating your Instant Teams profile:

Be broad, yet honest and upfront. 

Yes, you’re looking to land a real remote opportunity. But, more specifically, you’re looking to land one that’s the right fit for you. Therefore, be broad in your profile responses—from your work and volunteer experience to your education, and the rest of the need-to-know details.

At the same time, when you approach the culture fit questions (such as ranking the type of manager who would bring out your best work in a remote setting and your ideal number of hours in a workweek), be honest and upfront. If you’re pushing yourself to expand beyond what you know and are comfortable with just to catch more job opportunities, you’ll probably come to find that it’s not a remote work match made in heaven.

Don’t limit yourself. Instead, share your expansive list of skills. 

We can’t stress enough the importance of making the most of the Skills and Affiliation section! The keywords you use and the skills you choose match you to opportunities. So the very last thing you want to do is limit yourself. Meaning, if you’re seeking an Admin position, you wrap up all of the many skills you possess into one: Administrative Assistance.

With that in mind, think about all the tasks you’ve been responsible for throughout past positions and the expertise you obtained—from phone etiquette to scheduling, calendar management, email management, social media marketing, and customer service. (Yes, these are all real options of the hundreds of skills in our software, which you can add to your profile!)

What’s the best way to make your profile stand out?

Be relevant and professional. For example, when you sit down and fill out the Describe Yourself section on the Preferences and Skills page, write as if you’re speaking directly to your future employer. What tidbits of your unique story do you want them to know?

Also, the soft skills you possess, as well as your hobbies, show you’re a well-rounded person. But, always use the position(s) you’re seeking as the foundation for what you input into your profile. Hold on to those soft skills and hobbies for the moment when you land your introview. That way, you can speak to just how well you maneuver through certain situations!

How do you know if your profile is complete? 

Once you arrive at the fourth and final page, titled Getting to Know You, and hit Save, pat yourself on the back because you’re ready to rock and roll! Though, keep in mind, your Instant Teams profile is your digital resume. It’s never entirely in its final form. When you add skills to your back pocket, take different courses, or complete another job, revisit your profile and ensure it’s up-to-date so you can continue pushing forward to achieve your remote career dreams.

To watch the full Facebook Live event (which also features info on our selection process after you’ve submitted a complete profile), click here.

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