We Hired a Remote Team Member: Sales Writer

April 11, 2017


Instant Teams was founded to serve a unique demographic of professionals from across the military-connected community whose lifestyles demand innovation, communication, and flexibility.

Our business model of serving customers with the assembly and management of remote teams positions Instant Teams with a very unique opportunity to not only strongly serve a high growth customer base but also significantly improve the employment prospects of military spouses and other military connected individuals.

Instant Teams hired Army spouse and content developer extraordinaire, Carrie Ashley, as an advertorial and sales writer!. Her job is to promote products and services by explaining how they solve a problem or meet a need in a fun and interesting way. She’s particularly talented at adapting to client needs and delivering quality content consistently!

Real-Life Example: A Day in the Life of a Remote Sales Writer

Carrie’s Daily Tasks:

– Research and analyze topic ideas

– Explore keywords

– Create attention grabbing headlines

– Write and edit articles

– Upload, format, and publish articles via WordPress

Carrie’s RemotePro Skills:

– Excellent writer

– Expert in consumer/buyer behavior

– SEO qualified

Trello for project management

– Upload, format, and public articles via WordPress

– HTML + CSS for formatting

Zoom  and Slack  for virtual communication


Traditional Office Job vs. Remote Job

Traditional Office Job

Traditionally, sales writers work in an office setting between 8 AM and 5 PM. Their main goal is to research and write copy that converts into sales. Deadlines vary based on client needs and timelines. Sales measure their success. Employees use company software, equipment, and supplies.

Remote Job

A remote position allows for flexible work locations and hours. Deadlines are set by the client and are managed by the internal team. Teammates communicate virtually through video and cloud-based project management software. Content is reviewed and edited by the client for final approval. Conversion rates and sales measure success. Remote hires use personal software, equipment, and office supplies.

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