What is Arti and How Can It Help You Land a Remote Job?

by | July 1, 2021

What is Arti and How Can It Help You Land a Remote Job?

We’ve shared how Arti benefits our customers (aka the accounts you work on). But what about how it benefits you as a member of our talent community?

Today, we’ll help you get to know our innovative technology and better understand how it can match you with a high-quality remote job. 

Arti? What’s that? 

Arti stands for Automated Remote Team Innovation. You probably catch us using this term on the regular when referring to your candidate profile. And your profile is an essential component of that innovation, connecting you our talented candidate with a quality remote role and, as a result, growing remote teams for our customers. 


How do we use Arti to match you with a remote team? 

When you complete and optimize your Arti profile through the Candidate Dashboard, you give us the rundown on your preferences and qualifications: work type (full time, part-time, contract), available hours, minimum pay rate, skills, professional journey, work history, education, remote work preferences and more. 

Why do all of these details matter? Because we want to successfully match you with a remote team that fits your skills, experience and preferences! Once your candidate profile is active, Arti can get to work. 

We use Arti’s Customer Dashboard to define our customers’ talent needs and timelines. As long as your profile is active and your desires and skill sets match the needs of the team being built, Arti’s automation technology and our expert talent acquisition team will be able to find exactly the right opportunities for you.

From there, our process moves very, very fast. One of our biggest value adds is that we can build remote teams for our customers within seven days. So if we’re contacting you because you were identified as a candidate for a team, it’s ready to go! If it’s a smaller account, you’ll have the chance to do an introview (a get-to-know-you conversation) with the customer. And because you’re working for Instant Teams, we also handle all onboarding and training as part of our internal remote systems and processes. 

Sourcefile - Ai_Sourcefile

How can you set up your Arti profile for success?

Short on time? Watch this quick tutorial.

    1. Enter your basic information & upload a professional headshot photo
    2. Provide your remote work preferences (and be honest & upfront about these!). *If you’re actively looking to join a remote team, double-check the button for “I am actively seeking a remote position” is toggled on.
    3. Share your list of skills. Click here to check out the digital skills we recommend you have in your remote work toolkit.
    4. Write a standout bio in the “Describe yourself” section.
    5. Upload your resume and any relevant certificates (e.g., CCSP for customer service professionals) to the “Upload files” section. A simple way to bring in a resume is by downloading your LinkedIn profile in PDF form. The video above will walk you through that process. Please be sure to also complete the remainder of the profile, as described in the rest of this process – just uploading a resume won’t give us enough to work off of!
    6. Share your past work and experiences.

Help us get to know you better by completing the survey at the end (in the “Getting to Know You” section), giving us an overall sense of you in the remote workplace. More specifically, your remote team manager preferences, ideal structure, flexibility and more, telling us the details we need to match you to a team that’ll bring out your best work as a remote pro. 


Remember: Your profile is a living thing. You can always come back to it and make changes based on where you’re at in your journey. For example, when you add new skills, complete more courses or gain more experience, revisit your profile and ensure it’s up-to-date, so you can achieve your remote career dreams.

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