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The answer is in our name: whether you’re looking to deploy qualified teams to perform work on your behalf, or to fill your talent pipeline with highly-skilled workers, Instant Teams can provide a rapidly deployable workforce that scales according to your company’s needs.

Our diverse talent pool is composed primarily of U.S. military and veteran spouses, and taps into one of the most underutilized yet skilled sectors of the global workforce. At Instant Teams, you’ll find tailor-made solutions serving every time zone for 24/7 business support.

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Direct Hire Services
Direct Hire

The Instant Teams Talent Marketplace lets you build a pipeline with high quality talent. We help to identify and assess the talent needs of your workforce, and provide you with an optimized list of ready-to-work candidates.

Hybrid Services
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

In just a few short years, Instant Teams has become an attractive partner in the BPO industry, with our outsourced support teams serving a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Hybrid Services
Hybrid Business Process Outsourcing (Hybrid-BPO)

Designed for companies looking for a deeper level of integration and control over the work being performed. Instant Teams will hire and manage a team to meet your business needs and work with you to embed our talent into your day-to-day operations.

Temp Services
Seasonal and Project-Based Work

Looking for a simple way to fill seasonal or project-based gaps? Instant Teams can provide the ultimate ad-hoc workforce – all without the hassle and clumsy on/offboarding process of standard seasonal hires.

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Our Commitment to the Force Behind the Force

Founded by two Army spouses with firsthand knowledge of the challenges brought by frequent relocation, Instant Teams was established to support military families who struggle with employment due to circumstances outside of their control. Survey data from 2021 shows that nearly 40% of military spouses are underemployed, while 20% of military spouses are unemployed and looking for work.1 At Instant Teams, we are committed to supporting the force behind the force: our talent pool is comprised primarily of military and veteran spouses, and we are proud to maintain a job retention rate of 86% – double the national average.2

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2-3 years

The average active duty service member moves every 2-3 years.3



Nearly 40% of military spouses are underemployed.4


$1 billion

Adverse military spouse employment conditions can cost the U.S. economy more than $1 billion annually.5

Support Team

Rapidly Deployable Support

Need additional support in a specific department? Rapidly deploy assistance where your business needs it most:

  • Customer Support
  • Operations Support
  • Sales Support
  • Technology Support



Diversity and Inclusion Talent Acquisition

Instant Teams is a WBENC-certified women-owned business with a diverse talent pool that boasts a range of professional backgrounds and real-world experience. With 14 spoken languages within our talent pool (including Spanish, German, French and Mandarin), each workforce solution we provide is naturally equipped to provide a diverse, highly-skilled group of candidates with the qualifications you need.

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