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If you have questions, we have answers! Take a look at our Candidate Knowledge Base that might help to answer your questions. If not, give us a shout. 

About Us

We're Military Friendly

Founded by two active-duty Army spouses in 2016 and designed to serve a unique demographic of professionals from across the globally-located, military-connected community, the military community is at our core. Our military-friendly workforce is the driving reason many customers are eager to partner with us, so feel free to share your military affiliation. 

Do we employ people who are not military-connected? Yes! We are mission driven to serve the military community but do hire the right people for the right positions. 

At Instant Teams we build high-quality customer support and operations teams for companies with military-connected talent located globally in every timezone enabling 24/7 support.

If hired, can I work whenever I want?

While Instant Teams employs remote professionals whose lifestyles demand innovation, community, and flexibility, our customers count on us to get work done well and we uphold the highest levels of professional expectations in all we do. We are not a gig-based company, most remote assignments have set (although sometimes flexible) working hours and key performance indicators to reach. The constancy of a regular, remote schedule offers you the chance to build upon your career experiences while maintaining flexibility. 

Instant Teams is Where Remote Works

As military-connected professionals, we know the day-to-day employment struggles associated with our lifestyle. That’s why Instant Teams chose to rise above traditional means and design innovative ways to employ remote professionals in a way that brings value and high-quality workforces to corporations across the nation. 

Creating ‘people first’, remote work culture is at the heart of Instant Teams. We operate a 100% dispersed team, meaning our customers and our RTMs (remote team members) are located worldwide and across time zones.

Our Dashboard Was Built With You in Mind:

Instant Teams is powered by its own proprietary software system. Designed with our military-connected workforce in mind, it looks past employment gaps and squashes “job-hopping” notions from frequent moves that traditional employers might red-flag. Instead, it places your skills front-and-center and works to align incoming remote positions from customer accounts as a match to employ you.

Stay In-the-Know

As a company embedded in the military community’s richness, Instant Teams fosters deep relationships with many support organizations, scholarship funds, and community event planners to keep our social media buzzing with information, connectedness, and new opportunities. Give us a click to follow along!

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Join Our Workforce

Becoming an active part of the Instant Teams workforce brings you right into the modern era as a remote ready, digital savvy professional. Joining is easy: all you have to do is create and complete your Story. Once your Story is complete, you’ll be eligible to opt-in to opportunities that interest you. If you are identified as a potential candidate, you’ll receive an email notice from our Recruitment Team for next steps.

Want a ‘first’ look at the teams we’re actively building?
Join our weekly live job parties on Facebook every Thursday at 2pm ET in our RemoteQueue group.

Want ‘behind the scenes’ access to jobs as they roll in and hear from our Recruitment team?
Request access here. Please note: Only individuals with an Instant Teams’ account will be accepted into the RemoteQueue FB group! So if you don’t have your account created yet – we’ll be ready for you once it’s done.


My Story

Is It Really That Important To Make An Instant Teams Account?

In a word… yes! Your Story serves both as a digital resume and as your place to showcase your skills. If you don’t have a Story, we can’t match you to a position. Once you’ve completed every section of your Story (a complete Story is KEY!), your application’s done, and you’re eligible to be considered for one of our remote assignments. The only reason you’ll ever need to update your Story is if you have:

  1. learned a new skill
  2. completed a degree or certification
  3. gained more work experience

Keep in mind: your Story is the only way Instant Teams knows who you are and what skills you bring to a remote role. It’s also the only information we have to identify you as a potential match and a top candidate for a remote assignment. The more detailed your Story is, the more likely you are to be matched with a customer. 

Why must I have a COMPLETE Story before I can start the matching process?

Think about your Story as a digital resume. You wouldn’t walk into an interview with a blank resume, or with one missing any skills you’ve learned in the past months or years. In the same way, having a complete and thorough list of skills on your Story makes you a more attractive candidate for a remote assignment and places you above other candidates with less complete digital resumes.

What Happens Once My Story Is Done?

Once your Story is complete, you’ll be eligible to opt-in to opportunities that interest you. If you are identified as a potential candidate, you’ll receive an email notice from our Recruitment Team for next steps.

Want a ‘first’ look at the teams we’re actively building? Join our weekly live job parties on Facebook every Thursday at 2pm ET. You can express real-time interest in the opportunities we share here weekly and connect directly with our Recruiment Team.

RemoteQueue on Facebook

All recently created accounts are invited to join the RemoteQueue. If your Story is complete and we believe you are ready for a remote role based on your shared skills and background, request access to join here. (You will only be accepted into the group after a cross check that you have an active Story!)

The RemoteQueue is your waiting area until you’re matched with a remote team assignment. RemoteQueue offers real-time engagement, webinars, and essential Instant Teams updates. We also use this group to give a behind-the-scenes look at the teams we’re building.

Matching Process

What type of remote positions does Instant Teams offer?

Instant Teams has an awesomely diverse customer base (Walmart, Prudential, the Air Force, etc.): this is ideal because we also have a diverse workforce – YOU! At the core, most of our remote team positions fall into two groups: Customer Support and Operational Support. We build teams in response to incoming (and increasing!) customer needs, so our available positions vary weekly and sometimes even daily.

Step One: My Story

See “Is It Really That Important To Make a Candidate Profile?” under the candidate profile bucket for a complete answer to this question.

Step Two: Matching

If you’ve read the “Arti Is Your New BFF” FAQ under the About Us section, you know that she serves as our first-line review to identify top candidates for each remote assignment. When a customer submits a request for a remote team, the skills they require for each position are matched to the skills in our workforce profiles. 

In the event your skill based profile is identified as a match, you’ll receive a notification from Arti via email. Then, you can either confirm your interest on the remote job offer or pass. 

*Important Notes*


Our process moves very, very fast  (hence the “instant” in our name!). One of the reasons customers come to Instant Teams is building plug-and-play remote teams in five days. Once we’ve contacted you and you respond with your interest, we often have the next training cycle kicking off the very next week. We reach out to the top candidates and move forward with the most responsive ones to maintain our quick turnaround times for the customers. If you are not responsive or delay getting back to us, you might miss out on the opportunity to land your dream remote assignment.

TRANSPARENCY is everything:

We provide as many details about each of our remote assignments as possible and provide critical updates at every step of the process. Instant Teams values mindful communication and our team practices those values: please return the favor and be up-front about any changes or plans you have that might hinder the process (like PCS, vacations, leave, etc.). Your openness helps us best communicate with the customer and keep you moving towards your remote role.

Step Three: Virtual Interviews

To meet the ever-evolving needs of our military-connected workforce, Instant Teams bring the interview process to you. We utilize a unique behavioral interview style that allows our candidates to best explain their fit. This virtual interview session with a member of our Talent Activation team helps us pre-vet candidates before selecting the top candidate to move forward with each remote assignment. During the interview, you’ll share a bit about yourself, talk about your experience, and answer some position-specific questions, and we can fill in any gaps for you on our process or the remote position.

Step Four: Candidate Selections

If you’re chosen as the top candidate for a remote assignment, a Customer Success Manager will reach out and you’ll receive a notice from Arti. They will give you all the customer’s details and let you know we’re officially submitting your profile for our customer’s final review or of your immediate final selection. Pending the account you’ve been offered a remote position for, you might be invited to conduct a final “introview.”

Step Five: The Introview

The introview, a frequent step in our hiring process, is an introductory interview (intro-view) with the customer to gauge if you’re the right fit for their remote assignment. 

*To fully understand our introview process, please reference our Introview Process section.*

The Remote Onboarding Process

If selected and offered a remote position, we’ll be with you through onboarding and able to answer questions you may have. You’ll work closely with People Operations and Team Success in your initial days of hire and processing.

FAQs & Instant Answers

What kind of company is Instant Teams?

Instant Teams is a women-owned, military spouse-owned, venture-backed, C Corporation. Long way of saying – yes, we are legit. We don’t place individuals in companies one at a time and we aren’t headhunters or outsourced recruiters. 

At Instant Teams we build high-quality customer support and operations teams for companies with military-connected talent located globally in every timezone enabling 24/7 support.

Does it cost money to create an account with Instant Teams?

It is—and always will be— 100% free to join our remote workforce as a candidate. 

Does Instant Teams offer visa sponsorships for candidates not authorized to work in the United States?

All applicants must have work authorization that will not require sponsorship of a visa for work authorization in the United States.

Does Instant Teams hire OCONUS (outside the continental US) dependents?

Due to the remote nature of all Instant Teams assignments, most positions are OCONUS friendly. We have a partnership with a global law firm that assists us in military-dependent remote hiring in most OCONUS locations. 

Currently, the only exception to this rule concerns Remote Team Members stationed in Italy. 

How does Instant Teams' pay its remote employees?

Instant Teams employees are paid on a semi-monthly basis. All payments are made via direct deposit, which is set up in a secure payroll system during the onboarding process.

Are Instant Teams' remote positions short-term or long-term?

We help companies scale and bring in remote team members according to demand. The Instant Teams model is designed to integrate remote teams into each company’s long-term, daily functions. 

Our customers require a quick scale of force from time-to-time, and the resulting pop-up assignments require additional remote team members for a specific role and a predetermined length of time. Project lengths can vary from a 2-week project to launch new software to a 3-month commitment as the customer approaches trends in their product demand. When we contact you about an assignment opportunity, you’ll know if it is a pop-up assignment and the predetermined length

What industries does Instant Teams work with? Who are your customers?

Instant Teams has an amazingly diverse customer base: this is ideal because we also have a diverse workforce. At their core, most of our positions fall into two groups:  Customer Support and Operational Support. Our customers come from various industries, including, but not limited to cybersecurity firms, ed tech and health tech, Enterprise level corporations (including Walmart), and even the United States Air Force.

If hired by Instant Teams, who's my actual employer?

All remote team members at Instant Teams are employees of Instant Teams.

I created My Story a while ago. Why do I not have a job at Instant Teams yet?

The Instant Team dashboard is making matches for our customers on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. If you have the skills for a specific remote team assignment, your Story gets filtered through as a candidate. After your Story enters our pipeline, our Recruitment Team reviews your Story (like reading a resume), looking for the top and most qualified candidates, and reach out when a possible match arises.

To increase your chances of being matched with a remote team assignment, ensure that each section of your Story is complete (and also spell-checked!). Also, consider catering your Story to the type of position you have in mind by adding skills and experience relevant to that type of role.

If you’ve checked the above boxes and still haven’t been matched, don’t lose hope! The Instant Team dashboard pulls hundreds of stories for competitive positions, while smaller roles with specific skillsets may not even have one match. Be patient. Keep learning. Stay plugged into Remote Queue and the Instant Teams community.

What if I have pre-planned time off coming up but don’t want to decline a position offer?

Instant Teams understands that our RTMs may have plans or trips already planned upon accepting a remote role. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule. Please share anticipated leave as soon as possible (This is particularly true for RTMs under consideration for positions between 20-40 hours each week). 


Since our workforce is composed entirely of military-connected professions, we also take PCS or TDY moves, maternity leave, and increased family responsibilities due to a loved one’s deployment into consideration. The more you share, the more we can advocate on your behalf and find a working solution for Instant Teams, the RTMs, and the customer.

What if I want to keep my Story for the future, but am not actively seeking remote work at the moment?

If you’re not actively seeking a new assignment, you can toggle on/off your matching by either selecting or deselecting the “I am actively seeking remote work” button on your Instant Teams dashboard. This change alerts both Instant Teams and the Recruitment Team, so we know not to approach you with any potential matches.

Ready to get started?