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About Us

We're Military Centric

Founded by two active-duty Army spouses in 2016 and designed to serve a unique demographic of professionals from across the globally-located, military-connected community, the military community is at our core. Our military-friendly workforce is the driving reason many customers are eager to partner with us, so feel free to share your military affiliation. 

Do we employ people who are not military-connected? Yes! We are mission driven to serve the military community but do hire the right people for the right positions.

What does flexibility look like at Instant Teams?

While Instant Teams employs remote professionals whose lifestyles demand innovation, community, and flexibility, our customers count on us to get work done well and we uphold the highest levels of professional expectations in all we do. We are not a gig-based company, most remote assignments have set (although sometimes flexible) working hours and key performance indicators to reach. The constancy of a regular, remote schedule offers you the chance to build upon your career experiences while maintaining flexibility. 

We focus on skill based hiring.

Instant Teams is powered by its own proprietary software system. Designed with our military-connected workforce in mind, it looks past employment gaps and squashes “job-hopping” notions from frequent moves that traditional employers might red-flag. Instead, it places your skills front-and-center and works to align incoming remote positions from customer accounts as a match to employ you.

Instant Answers

What kind of company is Instant Teams?

Instant Teams is a women-owned, military spouse-owned, venture-backed, C Corporation. Long way of saying – yes, we are legit. We don’t place individuals in companies one at a time and we aren’t headhunters or outsourced recruiters. 

Instant Teams is a talent marketplace that uses skill-based hiring to provide remote work opportunities and career continuation to military spouses and untapped talent communities.

Does it cost money to create an account with Instant Teams?

It is—and always will be— 100% free to join our remote workforce as a career seeker.

Does Instant Teams hire OCONUS (outside the continental US) dependents?

Due to the remote nature of all Instant Teams assignments, most positions are OCONUS friendly. We have a partnership with a global law firm that assists us in military-dependent remote hiring in most OCONUS locations. 

Currently, the only exception to this rule concerns Remote Team Members stationed in Italy. 

How does Instant Teams pay remote employees?

Instant Teams employees are paid on a semi-monthly basis. All payments are made via direct deposit, which is set up in a secure payroll system during the onboarding process.

Are Instant Teams' remote positions short-term or long-term?

We help companies scale and bring in remote team members according to demand. The Instant Teams model is designed to integrate remote teams into each company’s long-term, daily functions. 

Our customers require a quick scale of force from time-to-time, and the resulting pop-up assignments require additional remote team members for a specific role and a predetermined length of time. Project lengths can vary from a 2-week project to launch new software to a 3-month commitment as the customer approaches trends in their product demand. When we contact you about an assignment opportunity, you’ll know if it is a pop-up assignment and the predetermined length

What industries does Instant Teams work with? Who are your customers?

Instant Teams has an amazingly diverse customer base: this is ideal because we also have a diverse workforce.  Our customers come from various industries, including, but not limited to cybersecurity firms, ed tech and health tech, Fortune 500, and even the Department of Defense.

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