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Diverse Leadership, Diverse Teams

As a WBENC and Military Spouse Owned-certified company, Instant Teams is founded, owned and run by strong women. Our CEO, COO, and 66% of our employed workforce are military-affiliated: we see the need for a more diverse, inclusive remote workforce and are leading the way with a 40% diverse core team (team members who identify as at least non-white race).

Our mission — to provide meaningful remote opportunities to an untapped workforce of ready-to-work team members — helps us attract naturally diverse talent from all geographic areas, walks of life and experiences. By providing fully remote opportunities for career continuation, Instant Teams is a natural fit for military-connected professionals considering a new role or career change.

What DEI Means to Us

Diverse Leadership that Values Differences

Not only are our military-spouse female founders, leadership team, and 66% of our internal team military-connected, a majority of our remote workforce is, too. This diverse team helps us better serve the unique demographic of military spouses, veterans, caregivers and survivors. We get you because we are you!

Partnerships That Leave an Impact

Positive change starts with real-time impact: We actively and financially partner with trailblazing organizations, including MMAA, EMHUSA and Power To Fly, that focus on providing increased opportunities to the underserved, including military spouses, veterans, caregivers and survivors.


Employment Advocacy for the Underserved

The military-spouse unemployment rate is 5x higher than the national average: The transient lifestyle, increased home demands and locations of military installations make finding a “normal” 9-5 job nearly impossible for military-connected professionals. By providing fully remote opportunities, career continuation and upskilling, we make it possible for you to thrive, wherever military life may take you.

Our People

Includes our corporate team and active Remote Team Members


Racial Diversity


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Corporate Responsibility

The core of corporate responsibility at Instant Teams is to make daily progress in lowering the military-connected unemployment rate. Our strong partnerships with military organizations like Blue Star Families, MMAA, and EMHUSA help us connect our ever-growing talent pool with financial education services, skill training opportunities, career counseling, mental health services and more. To top it off, all profit from the Instant Teams Swag Shop goes back to these valued partners on a quarterly basis. By aligning with focused organizations that serve diverse subsections of the military-connected community, we ensure inclusivity and diversity in who and how we hire.

Our Partners

Instant Teams has partnered with support organizations to address the complex challenges the military community faces with employment, career transition and workforce preparation. Together, through the collaborative ideas, programs, initiatives and advocacy for the military community we’re able to foster skill training, prepare candidates for the remote workforce and build talented remote teams for companies across the nation.

Blue Star Families
Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Onward to Oppotunity
Military Spouse Employment Partnership Department of Defense
Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Hire Heroes USA Silver Employer - Serving Spouses Employer
Institute for Veterans and Military Families
Institute for Veterans and Military Families

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