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If you’re a military spouse or veteran looking for remote work, create your profile today!

Creating your profile is the key to success. When ARTI (our proprietary automated remote team innovation software) searches our registered workforce to identify the top remote team members for our customers, your profile is your tool to show us how you are the top candidate for that team.

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We create specialized remote teams for customers across the nation.

We focus on developing marketing, admin, and tech teams to include the following positions: digital marketing strategist, social media coordinators, content developer, copywriter, technical writer, tech support, customer service coordinators, program manager, project coordinators, WordPress developers, QA testers, and more.

Instant Teams was created for YOU.

Instant Teams was founded by two Army spouses to serve a unique demographic of professionals from across the military-connected community whose lifestyles demand innovation, communication, and flexibility.

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