What makes us so unique?

Technology + Military Spouses

Arti (our advanced remote team innovation software) positions Instant Teams with a very unique opportunity to not only strongly serve a high growth customer base but also significantly improve the employment prospects of military spouses and other military-connected individuals.

Instant Teams serves a unique demographic of professionals from across the military-connected community whose lifestyles demand innovation, communication, and flexibility. Highly skilled and trained US citizens located globally available to work in every time zone.

of active duty spouses hold a Bachelor’s degree. 22% have obtained a Master’s degree.

of those employed have skills and experience beyond requirements for their current positions

of this skilled workforce are in business, education, science. and tech industries

Our Partners

Instant Teams has partnered with support organizations to address the complex challenges the military community faces with employment, career transition, workforce preparation. Together through the collaborative ideas, programs, initiatives, and advocacy for the military community we’re able to foster skill training, prepare candidates for the remote workforce, and build talented remote teams for companies across the nation.