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Remote Ready is a skill training and remote employment pilot program for mid-career military spouses provided by SECO and Instant Teams.

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Due to popular demand, our Remote Ready program is full but there are still many ways you can be matched into pipelines and become eligible for later training programs.

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That Meets You Where You Are

For decades, SECO has been on the frontlines of hearing and seeing the need for military spouses in mid-career stages to have career opportunities that meet the dynamic needs of training and employment throughout military life. This full-cycle workforce development pilot program will give 175 mid-career spouses the opportunity to earn Remote Ready Certification, complete skills training in one of four tracks custom selected for you based on your skills and aptitude, and conclude with remote employment offers. This “first of its kind” workforce development pilot is in partnership with Instant Teams, innovators of remote work technology and remote employment for the military community.

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Full-Stack Software Engineering

Have you been curious about the tech industry? Have no idea the difference between Full Stack and Javascript but it intrigues you?  If you are a lifelong learner, love problem-solving and puzzles, and possess determination against all odds (sounds like a few spouses we might know), this track might be for you. (This track is NOT OCONUS-friendly.) 

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Insurance Agent

This track is unique in that it actually starts out with remote employment! That’s right – if you meet the hiring criteria, we’ll hire you, train you, and get you started right. Then, after 90 days of employment and achieving successful key performance indicators, you’ll advance to a fully-funded career progression training and industry certification path to become a licensed Agent. Pay raise included! (This track is NOT OCONUS-friendly.)

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Data Analytics & Reporting

There is an increasing need for talented and curious investigators in the business world. If you are good with numbers, see patterns easily, and are a natural sleuth when it comes to hunting down information and bringing the full picture together, this might be the career path you’ve been waiting for! 

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Sales Development

Don’t think sales is for you? We hear it all the time and yet military spouses, by force of military life experiences, often make the BEST sales professionals. Moving every 2-3 years, making new friends, building new connections – that’s sales! Getting the buy-in of a military unit to sponsor an event for the families – that’s sales! With the right training, the right environment, and right team, sales is a great career path with fast upward mobility and is one you can literally take with you anywhere you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this open to all military spouses?

In order to qualify, military spouses must meet the following criteria:

  • Spouses of active duty, National Guard and Reserve Component military members in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Space Force  OR
  • Spouses of military members separated from active duty, National Guard and Reserve Components for less than 365 days OR
  • Surviving spouses of military members who died while on active duty

For the mid-career component, spouses must have:

  • A bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, or 5 years’ work experience OR
  • 5 years of military spouse affiliation

Technical requirements are:

  • Reliable internet
  • Any computer EXCEPT Chromebook


What if I don't qualify for this pilot program but am still seeking remote work opportunities?

If you do not qualify for the Remote Ready mid-career program through SECO, you will be guided to a free Remote Ready Bootcamp. Upon completion of the bootcamp, you will be connected with Instant Teams’ Talent Team and considered for available remote work opportunities.

How do I choose a track?

Upon qualification, you will take a curated assessment that will align your existing skills, inherit strengths, and career interests with one of the 4 following tracks  —  Software Development, Guide to Insurance Agent, Sales Development, or Data Analyst. In Janurary, you will receive notification of your assigned track and training program.

What is the time commitment?

All training will start in January 2022 and time and length varies by track. All tracks conclude with remote employment aligned with your skill development training. Track assignments and commitments will be finalized in January 2022.

Full-Stack Software Developer: This is a 6-month-long full-time program. You can expect 40 hours a week of dedicated learning and homework. This is among the most demanding of the tracks, but ensures full-stack engineering readiness in just 6 months.

Guide to Insurance Agent: This is a unique option as it begins with remote employment. Upon meeting the hiring qualifications as a Benefits Guide, you’ll begin with a two-week long job training program, complete 90 days on the job and after the 90 days of successful performance against KPIs, you’ll level up into a full agent credentialing and certification program.

Data Analyst: This program will average 4 months of full-time learning and engagement and will conclude with remote employment.

Sales Professional: The program is 6 weeks long and you can plan for  6 hours a week of dedicated learning and training time.

What happens when I complete my track?

The best part about this pilot program is that your training concludes with remote work employment. This program has been designed to provide the full facilitation of success. Your readiness and commitment to both a training track and gainful remote employment is required!

How much does this training cost?

This is a free training program for qualified mid-career military spouses provided by the Department of Defense that gives you the skills need for the modern workforce and ends with the remote employment connection for success. There is no cost to you as the participant – just your commitment to succeed and your time.