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Beyond the Fringe: 6 Innovative Ways to Level Up Your Remote Culture


One of the biggest challenges facing companies exploring the concept of remote work is how to build and maintain a corporate culture that engages dispersed team members. Luckily, remote-first companies are leading the way and sharing what works, and what they learned by failing along the way.

Join Erica McMannes, Instant Teams’ COO, and Jordan Peace, CEO of Fringe, for our webinar, Beyond the Fringe, Innovative Ways to Level Up Your Remote Culture. We’ll discuss the top pain points and missteps facing companies transitioning to or embracing remote work, and innovative ways to engage remote employees and promote a healthy remote work culture. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Common remote work culture missteps
  • Building a healthy remote work culture 
  • Tips and tricks to help get to know and better engage with your remote teams
  • Tools to help promote team building remote team engagement 


Jordan Peace Headshot

Jordan Peace

CEO of Fringe, a lifestyle benefits company. Hailing from the world of financial planning, Jordan co-founded Fringe in 2018 after realizing that most people – especially Millennials – don’t understand their company’s corporate benefits. Along with four close college friends, Jordan created Fringe as a way to turn corporate benefits into a language that anyone can speak. He was previously the Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Greenhouse Money, and a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual. Jordan lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and 4 kids. His favorite Fringe benefit is Jeni’s Pint Club.


Erica McMannes Headshot

Erica McMannes

COO and Founder of Instant Teams and works daily to create remote work options for untapped talent pools of military-connected spouses, veterans, caregivers and survivors to deliver cutting-edge remote workforce solutions. Prior to co-founding Instant Teams, Erica worked for five years as a member of founding teams on two Silicon Valley startups and saw the value of a distributed workforce and tapping into the best talent wherever it’s found. Through consulting with these startups and now, in looking for strategic marketing opportunities in the military community, she continues to drive growth and innovation in the remote workplace. Her favorite Fringe benefit is the giving feature, where team members can gift their Fringe points to someone else.

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Instant Teams is a remote team marketplace powered by an untapped workforce of U.S. military-connected talent that consistently outperforms their peers by over 80%. Our talent is ready-to-work, highly diverse, and fully distributed across every time zone for 24/7 support. 

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