We Are


“I am so proud of our company, the growth that we have been able to achieve together, and the economic impact we’ve generated for the military and veteran spouse community.”


Our History

Instant Teams was founded in 2016 by two active-duty military spouses, Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes.

Throughout their professional journeys, our founders saw a need for disruptive solutions to traditional hiring methods. Companies want immediate access to highly skilled talent, while the military community needs flexible work opportunities and hiring solutions that recognize skills over traditional career progression.

Since day one, we’ve focused on the future of work, skills-based hiring, and the military community.

Instant Teams leads the way as a talent marketplace, improving the financial stability of military families and providing our customers with tailored workforce solutions.

Our Values

Fighting for Change

The military spouse unemployment rate is 5x higher than the national average. Frequent moves,  increased home demands, and locations of military installations can make finding a “normal” 9-5 job nearly impossible for military-connected professionals.


We’re committed to improving these statistics by providing remote opportunities, career continuation, and opportunities to upskill.  Instant Teams has also participated in Congressional roundtables, National Defense Authorizations Act reports, Department of Defense pilot programs, and policy/advocacy work around military spouse hiring and entrepreneurship. We are constantly striving to make sure that a military spouse’s talent and expertise are recognized – regardless of where they are stationed.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Instant Teams strives to foster an organizational climate that promotes inclusivity and belonging while highlighting our employees’ diverse experiences.

We do this through employee-centered programming, including Core Value Awards, Community Impact Groups and DEIB discussions. We continuously evolve alongside our dynamic teams by providing strategic feedback opportunities and a growing library of resources.

Our Partners

We partner with trailblazing organizations to increase opportunities for military spouses, veterans, caregivers, and survivors. Together, through collaborative ideas, programs, initiatives, and advocacy for the military community, we can promote skills training, prepare candidates for the workforce, and build talented teams for companies across the nation.

Institute for Veterans and Military Families
Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Onward to Oppotunity
Institute for Veterans and Military Families
Military Spouse Employment Partnership Department of Defense
Blue Star Families
Institute for Veterans and Military Families
Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Hire Heroes USA Silver Employer - Serving Spouses Employer