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Expanding your business’s potential with a talented remote workforce is easier than ever with Instant Teams’ Remote Team Marketplace. We implement powerful technology to establish remote support teams fast and you gain immediate access to the largest database of military-connected remote workers in the industry.

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A New Way to Build Teams

Building and scaling remote teams is tough work, whether you’re outsourcing or taking things in-house. You need access to custom-built talent pipelines of ready-to-hire remote workers and a streamlined process for developing teams – fast. We’ve got you.

Instant Teams is a Remote Team Marketplace that builds and manages remote workforces using a combination of proprietary technology and the largest database of military-connected remote workers in the industry. Partner with Instant Teams for technology-based talent pipeline solutions that make a difference.

What Makes Us Different

At Instant Teams, we set ourselves apart with cutting-edge technology and a community of globally located remote team members. Our digital platform helps you build effective remote teams faster than ever by matching your requirements with the skills and abilities of our unique untapped community of military-connected candidates. Each candidate is authorized to work in the U.S., unlocking skilled 24/7 teams for even industries with the strictest compliance requirements.

We know there are a ton of hiring solutions out there – here’s how Instant Teams is different.

Our Talent Is Untapped

Military spouses, veterans, caregivers and survivors are  skilled, adaptable, and dedicated. In choosing to partner with Instant Teams for your team needs you gain a competitive edge with instant access to the largest database of military-connected remote workers in the industry, all pre-vetted and ready to drive results.

We Focus On Skills

Skills are often a better predictor of success at a job than education, experience, or past employment. That’s why we focus on the skills that allow your team members to deliver best-in-class customer support, operations support, or tech support. Stop wasting your time on resumes and let us custom-match the candidates with the right combo of skills and abilities for your organizational needs.

Our Process Is Fast

Outsourcing customer service and support teams is a great decision for your business, so partner with a company that can put you on the road to success fast. Instant Teams is a faster way to build a remote workforce. Stop spending hundreds of hours sourcing and vetting candidates — build your remote teams  with customized pipelines of remote talent matched to your specific needs.

Technology-Based Solution to Hiring
Remote Teams

Instant Teams allows businesses to quickly build and scale remote support teams with custom pipelines of candidates who have the skills it takes to meet even the most specific demands. We deliver companies  the best-fit employees for their remote teams by employing high-end recruitment technology. From 24/7 customer service teams to tech support and business operations support, you can count on Instant Teams to help you build the remote workforce you need.

You’ll collaborate with a dedicated implementation team to build a customized remote team pipeline. From there, you can hire your team directly or utilize Instant Teams’ managed service solution, which takes on all the back-end work so you can focus on operations, performance, and goals.

24/7 Availability

Every business is going global, so arming yours with a workforce ready to meet 24/7 demand is essential. Instant Teams offers a way to achieve 24/7 support from knowledgeable workers committed to furthering your quest for stellar customer service and team productivity.

Instant Teams is able to fill your remote workforce with dependable employees around the clock because we attract military-connected workers authorized to work in the United States. By partnering with Instant Teams, you can instantly access one of the world’s largest untapped military talent communities.

Build Your Team

Ready to unlock a powerful new remote workforce? Instant Teams is a remote team marketplace that helps businesses quickly hire virtual workforces for all customer support demands. We encourage you to request a call and discuss your needs with a representative.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from our customers about what makes Instant Teams the better option for their growing teams.

“The partnership with Instant Teams was a natural fit. We had high-volume needs for technically capable employees, and Instant Teams has the mechanisms in place to both vet and verify that candidates have the skills we need.”
Beth Conlin
Senior Program Manager of Military Spouses, Amazon
“Instant Teams has been a great partner to Assurance IQ. From the start, they took a vested interest in understanding our business model to ensure that they sourced the right talent to meet and exceed our expectations. Through Instant Teams, veterans and military spouses are providing quality support to Assurance IQ in serving our shoppers. It’s a win-win, and very fulfilling.”
Assurance IQ
“With the ability to rapidly spin up teams of pre-vetted, skilled professionals on-demand and integrate them into a customer team, Instant Teams has raised the bar for what executives should expect from their outsourced solutions.”
Guy Filippelli
Squadra VC

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