Get to know the people leading the way at
Instant Teams.


Liza Rodewald

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Active Duty Army Spouse


Erica McMannes

Founder | Chief People & Community Officer

Retired Army Spouse


Chuck Brousseau

Chief Operating Officer

Our Values


We Take Ownership

We take personal ownership, in all things, by working with integrity and trust. We do what we
say we will do, we do not take the easy road, and we do not misrepresent ourselves for
personal gain. We always do the right thing, even when it does not benefit us directly.


We team build to build teams.

We build with daily demonstrations of trust, transparency, authenticity, and empathetic
accountability that enhance relationships and collaboration in service to the community, each
other, and customers.


We embrace change daily.

We believe in continuous improvement and we don’t fear change. When we show up and aim to leave
things better than we found them when we started the day, this practice naturally cultivates
success and growth.


We lead with
intentional curiosity.

We enter all interactions with curiosity. Asking questions leads to better understanding and
connection between customers, teams, and community. When curiosity is front and center,
inclusion and possibility follow.

Our Partners

We partner with trailblazing organizations to increase opportunities for military spouses, veterans, caregivers, and survivors.

Together, through collaborative ideas, programs, initiatives, and advocacy for the military community, we can promote skills training, prepare candidates for the workforce, and build talented teams for companies nationwide.

Grow with Google
V3 Program
Founder Institute
Private Public Partnership
Operation Child Care Project
Veteran Job Mission
Onward Opportunity
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