Scale your business with remote teams on demand

You need high-quality customer support and operational teams to reach your business goals.

We build those remote teams quickly and efficiently with a diverse pool of qualified and vetted military-connected professionals located around the world, enabling 24/7 support.

What makes us different

Time is of the essence

We know you need additional support now. That’s why we build teams in 5-7 days.

Efficiency matters

Our proprietary process of building teams saves our clients an average of 40% in costs around recruiting and training.

A unique approach

Military spouses, veteran spouses, and veterans make up over 92% of our available workforce.

Where Remote Works

We had a proven model of building remote teams before it was cool. We replaced the arduous and outdated model of building customer service and support teams with a proprietary process that combines talent and technology. With it, we are able to source, vet, and match a remote team of professionals from our talent base of 13,000+ quickly and efficiently.

Our remote teams function as an in-house team but with all the cost benefits of outsourcing. Plus, you enjoy month-to-month contracts and no long-term commitment.

What Our Customers Say

We’ve had a rapid increase in support needs for our product because of COVID-19. Instant Teams was able to quickly find us qualified candidates to help our customers during this difficult time. They’ve been very flexible and responsive, and invaluable in scaling our support team to meet the needs of our customers.



With the ability to rapidly spin up teams of pre-vetted, skilled professionals on-demand and integrate them into a customer team, Instant Teams has raised the bar for what executives should expect from their outsourced solutions.

Guy Filippelli

Squadra VC

I’m such a satisfied customer and absolutely love my remote worker “match” – Bailey is the best team member I have ever had! I value her so much. I also value being all set as she and I are able to continue business as usual through this crazy COVID situation — all because of what Instant Teams offers.



The Bottom Line

Using our proprietary process, we build high-quality remote teams made up of motivated military spouses, veteran spouses, and veterans who go through four levels of screening and vetting before we make them available to you. And we do this in 5-7 days.

Our talent database of 13,000+ are:

  • Located around the globe 
  • Native English speakers 
  • Educated (67% have a Bachelor’s Degree and 23% have a Masters/Ph.D)
  • Diverse (94% identify as female and 40% represent racial diversity)

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