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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Remote Teams

There are a lot of misconceptions about remote teams. Some people think it means hiring and outsourcing from overseas. Some people only think about gamers and their virtual teams.

Some truths there, but when it comes to business there is a huge opportunity to embrace.

In fact, there’s a huge demand for talent in the U.S. and it’s moving towards location independent hires and flexible work structures. Below, we’ll expose some common misconceptions about remote teams, and instead, explain how they can benefit your team.

Can I hire a remote team domestically?

Yes, you can. Past decades of a remote boom have led to a highly mobile, dynamic workforce that has given large and small companies alike access to national talent.

Can remote teams really save time and money?

Sure can. There are some significant benefits to building out a remote workforce. These benefits will save you time and energy when looking to add a team member fast. Plus, remote professionals are knowledge-based. Meaning, they can jump into specialized roles without training. Thus, freeing you to focus on what you do best and giving you peace-of-mind that the job will get done right.

Can I find a remote team, fast?

Absolutely. Thanks to the ‘cloud’, innovative entrepreneurs and the rise of remote teams, finding remote talent is not difficult. Here at Instant Teams we give you access to a remote workforce immediately. You’ll find experts in every industry (digital strategists, graphic designers, tech development, and more.) Most people listed on these sites are expertly trained and have professional degrees. Tell us who you need, we’ll tell you how it works, and we can deliver your team within 4-5 days.


Businesses of all sizes are looking for talent they can trust. Luckily, today’s workforce can span regional and national boundaries. Thus, enabling companies, of all sizes, to find the best of the best in every industry. Those who’ve embraced an extended workforce have a competitive advantage time and time again.

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