5 Skills You Can Add to Your Company by Hiring Military Spouses

Military-connected community members, specifically military spouses, are all over the world. In 2017, a Department of Defense study showed that there are over 640,000 spouses of active military members. Of these military spouses, 88% of those who participated in the study had at least some post-high school education. Regardless of their qualifications for the job, hiring managers are often hesitant to hire military prospects due to their frequent moves. Companies should not overlook this uniquely talented group of individuals who can bring immense value to your company. Check out these 5 skills you can add to your team by hiring military spouses.


Part of being a military spouse is embracing the uncertainty and constant changes that surround you. From the various moves, unexpected deployments, and more, military spouses must be able to adapt to new situations and circumstances quickly. The ability to insert yourself into any situation, and do so confidently, is a valuable asset for any employer. No challenge is too big, and no obstacle is too tall. Military spouses spend a lot of their time becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable and most thrive in these situations.

Stress Management

Military spouses have a tendency to be the calm in the storm. They have spent so much time learning how to manage the stress of being in the military community that they have developed skills to cope with stressful events. Recognizing when you are stressed and learning how you respond to stressful situations is an underestimated skill. The ability to compartmentalize your stress and effectively manage it allows you to continue to use your critical thinking skills in any situation. People that learn how to manage stress typically make great leaders in the working world. People look to those who display these skills in times of need. With a deadline fast approaching or a frustrated client breathing down your neck, it is important to have people on your team that know how to manage these situations. Military spouses have the skillset to handle these situations in the day-to-day moments of the working world.

Eager to Work and Learn

Job opportunities can be hard to come by for military spouses. They face a 26% unemployment rate. This is more than 6x the country’s unemployment rate of 4%, To make matters even worse, military spouses are often underemployed, meaning they are in positions below their level of experience. 90% of military spouses have the skills and requirements that exceed the qualifications of the job they are working. Military spouses are highly skilled and educated, so when work opportunities are viable, you should feel confident that you can rely on them to get the job done. Military spouses are eager for job opportunities that challenge them and allow them to continue to build their career. Hiring a military spouse will bring a positive attitude and infectious energy to help inspire other workers in your company to stay motivated and produce quality work.


They say no two people are the same, and military spouses really fit this mold. They are very unique individuals that come from different places, have different skill sets, and represent a wide array of diverse thought processes. Some might not think of being diverse as a “skill” but the numbers indicate maybe they should. Each military spouse has their own ideas, strengths, and opinions that can foster an environment of progression and new ideas in any company. Multiple studies done by McKinsey & Company show that as companies become more diverse, they also become more profitable. Hiring military spouses contributes to this diversity that pushes for growth and contributes to the overall success of a company.

Team Player

One thing military spouses have come to realize is that part of being in the military community is understanding that life is bigger than themselves. Whether it is supporting their spouse through the trials of being a member of the military or supporting other families going through similar challenges, they quickly understand that together they are stronger. Relationships are essential to their life. In building these relationships with various people all around the world, they have learned how to compromise, collaborate, and negotiate. Military spouses understand how people work and how to interact with various types of people effectively. This ability to understand people is a skill that can’t be taught and only comes from the experiences that they have. This can be a valuable asset in managing teams or interacting with prospects in the business world. If someone can understand how to communicate with a team comprised of different personalities and opinions, they will be able to mediate and create a productive environment no matter who is in the room.

Take Your Team to the Next Level

Military spouses have a unique set of skills that allow them to immediately make positive contributions to any company. Their background and experience have helped them develop personal characteristics that can’t be taught. Sadly, military spouses are often overlooked for job openings due to their frequent moving, and what they can bring to the table is often not taken into account. Instant Teams is working to bridge this gap by connecting companies with this highly capable and talented group of military spouses looking for remote jobs. Our unique talent pool is filled with military spouses waiting for their opportunity to make a difference at your company. Hiring military spouses for remote positions provides them with the opportunity to retain a job that challenges them and provides them with an opportunity to further their career. We pride ourselves on the immediate contributions our candidates make to your company while giving our military spouse professionals a flexible career. Simultaneously, Instant Teams provides a full-service HR and team assembly process by taking over the entire process of talent identification, onboarding, and remote team management. We build and manage your remote teams, you save time and money. Are you ready to take your company to the next level?