Alight’s Story: From Bridging the Talent Gap to Building Workforce Retention


Alight Solutions helps companies worldwide get more out of their benefits and human resource (HR) investments, reduce costs, and enhance the employee experience.

Serving more than 36 million end-users across 4,300 organizations on five continents, Alight leverages both technology and talent to deliver an optimized HR experience to help employers better engage their employees across their employer-sponsored benefit and HR programs. However, after the recent win of a large engagement, the company needed to quickly expand its workforce without sacrificing quality. 

Instant Teams helped Alight bridge the gap and build better workforce retention. This is their story.

Chapter 1: Supplementary Success

“We started using Instant Teams situationally to supplement our workforce,” says Rob Sturrus, Executive Vice President at Alight.” The military spouse community is very attractive to us as a workforce since Alight supports remote and flexible work arrangements. We found that Instant Teams offered a diverse pool of talent, with a variety of educational backgrounds.”

Sturrus notes that after initial hiring success, Alight found more opportunities to use Instant Teams. “It’s quite a bit easier to find the people we’re looking for,” he says. “We’ll give them the details and they cater up a slate of candidates.”   

Chapter 2: Permanent Positions 

To help companies navigate new HR challenges, Alight is moving to an AI-driven, digitally-enabled technology engagement platform. Effectively managing this transition, however, requires the right talent.

Instant Teams helped provide best-fit permanent engagement. “We started with operations roles,” says Sturrus, “including backend functions and heavy volumes of processing. Instant Teams also helped us find specialized hires for sourcing and procurement, along with call center agents.”

Success with both supplementary and permanent positions led Alight to task Instant Teams with finding a highly-skilled executive admin. Sturrus puts it simply: “I was very impressed with how they approached it. They took the five criteria we established for the role and created five questions for candidates to answer. Then, they had candidates shoot a 60-second video on those questions and sent them to us for screening.”

This approach made it easier to involve more people in the review process. All relevant stakeholders viewed the candidate videos, giving Alight a broader perspective on potential hires. 

Chapter 3: Retention Reimagined

Sturrus notes that one challenge for Alight is workforce retention. “When we do traditional campus hiring, we’ve got people who are just starting to make their way in the world and likely will seek multiple job changes during the early stages of their career.” He also highlights the time required to find, evaluate, and interview candidates.

“Instant Teams is faster and has a more complete ability to evaluate. Our mindset is to connect with them and see what they can find.” With a typical response time of less than 72 hours, Sturrus says that even skeptical hiring managers are being won over by Instant Teams. 

Chapter 4: Shifting Gears

As noted by Sturrus, “Hiring veterans or military spouses requires a shift from us as a company.” He points to a new leave policy created specifically for military spouses — if they receive a Permanent Change of Station , they’re given five paid days off to help support the process and demonstrate a true understanding of the unique situations military spouses face.

The benefits speak for themselves. “We’re beating historical averages for retention,” says Sturrus, “and we anticipate strong stability in our workforce thanks to Instant Teams.”

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About Alight

Alight leverages technology and talent to optimize HR management, reduce costs, and enhance employee experiences for over 36 million end-users across 4,300 organizations globally. By delivering customized HR solutions, Alight helps companies navigate new challenges and improve workforce retention. Their commitment to innovation and quality ensures a seamless HR experience, driving organizational growth and stability. For more details, please visit

About Instant Teams

Instant Teams, founded by two military spouses, leads the way as a Customer Experience (CX) talent marketplace committed to the financial well-being of military families while providing companies instant access to remarkable talent. Through their suite of talent solutions, Instant Teams boasts a track record of generating thousands of remote job opportunities and has significantly improved the financial well-being of military families, generating over $40 million in economic impact. Leveraging their extensive pool of pre-vetted talent, they’ve developed customized workforce solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs. For more details, please visit