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Behind the Curtain: How We Source High-Quality Remote Jobs

Time and time again, we get feedback from those within our talent community that the waiting process to land a position is difficult. But it takes a serious amount of time and grit when it comes to bringing in new customers with new positions to offer you. We’re committed to finding the best of the best!

So we figured we needed to pull back the curtain and give you some inside information on landing a remote job through Instant Teams, a company built by spouses for spouses, from none other than Suzanne McCurdy, our Team Development Military Community Specialist.

How did you get your start with Instant Teams?

I left active-duty Air Force three years ago, my husband is Army, and we couldn’t get stationed together. I have spent the last three years in positions that just weren’t worth it. The pay, the quality of work, etc. 

So, when I was at a BBQ, someone told me about Instant Teams. I couldn’t get home fast enough to fill out my profile. And I followed all things Instant Teams. Then, I saw a scholarship for the Milspo Sales Academy and jumped on it. I had no idea what a career in Tech Sales would mean or that B2B sales were even a thing.

About a month after the course, I interviewed for the Instant Teams role and got hired. It’s a dream job for sure, and I’m thankful. I want each spouse to find a position they love as much as I do.   

We’ve just built a sales program. Tell us a little bit about it.

This is a big step to really grow Instant Teams, and I’m excited to be at the forefront of that effort. This is how we bring in the jobs for the spouses in multiples—being able to really offer several positions at a time. It’s exciting, and it gets better day after day. 

Our community is curious – what does the Instant Teams sales funnel look like?

Sales is and always will be a numbers game that’s constantly changing. What works one week doesn’t work the next. What works with one type of company doesn’t appeal to the next. It’s reading people and personas with each company. Lots of research has to be done. You have to learn what will hook the person you’re reaching out to; the keyword that will make them say, “Yes, I have to know more.” And it has to be the right time for the company to bring anyone on.

I’m always A/B testing methods to see what gets the most traction and cultivating new tactics. On average, I have 500-1,200 activities per week, which includes emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn outreach. I reach out to as many people within the company as I can because, in sales, you’ll get nine “Nos” to land 1 “Yes.” But I love it.

Cold outreach, however, is the toughest. It’s a gamechanger when I can call someone and say, “Hey, we both know John, what a coincidence. He told me about your company, can we chat on Tuesday?” We have a connection, and they’re less inclined to tell me no. If we have no one in common, they don’t feel any sense of obligation, and it can take up to 10-12 touches (contacts) for them to even consider meeting with me.

You don’t walk into Target to buy all the things from the new collaboration line. You had to see the ad that was sent and hear about it from a friend before you took a look for yourself. It’s no different for these companies. Their time is valuable, and I have to get them interested, which takes time. 

What does your typical day look like?

The first thing I do is look at who has opened my emails, responded to a message, or returned a call. I also check into who I’m meeting with that day and ensure I’m spun up on their business and how we can best help them. Then, I look at follow-ups and complete those.  

Each day, the vast majority of my day involves prospecting⁠—qualifying new leads, companies, and reaching out to new people. As much as follow-ups are essential, so, too, are fresh new leads. I have to be moving forward at all times. Because each email is tracked, I can tell which ones are getting opened. If something isn’t getting attention, I reformulate it and change it up.  Long story short, I spend a lot of time on my toes and usually work standing up. I need to have high energy in this career to stay innovative! 

Why doesn’t Instant Teams take every customer that comes along, and how do we make sure jobs are of high quality before filling roles? 

It’s our mission to get quality, real, authentic jobs for our spouses. I take this very seriously because I was sitting in their shoes just six months ago. I know just how frustrating finding remote work can be, quality or not. And I understand what it’s like to be unemployed.

But I want each spouse to be able to continue their career and, because of that, the employer needs to prove they deserve the talent a military spouse can bring to the company just as much as we prove the talent we stand behind.

I once had a call with a potential employer who kept talking about not wanting to pay someone until they proved their worth as well as talking about mind games they played with candidates to test them. NOPE! 

We aren’t in the business of playing games. We are professionals and will only provide professional roles for remote talent. So with each company, we must take the time to qualify them. I have to make sure they have both the hours and the income to not only bring on a remote team member, but also have them on the team for the long-term. Plus, a desire to bring on even more remote team members in the future!

 What can you tell our community about some of the common requests you hear from Instant Teams customers?

The requests vary from position to position, and they’re pretty standard for job descriptions.  We spend the time from the beginning with the company to lead them through our process. It’s so different from the traditional process so many companies are used to. We educate them on our talent pool and why military spouses have skills that the general civilian population doesn’t possess. 

The best thing I can tell anyone looking for a remote job opportunity right now with Instant Teams? Present yourself well in the video interview as well as the introview. 

That’s where we all shine together.  

So, what do you say? Are you ready to land a remote interview and join one of our 100% remote teams?