Instant Insights: Breaking Down Customer Experience


Curious about the CX scene? Wondering how it ties into customer support and success? And what that means for carving your niche in a booming industry? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got your back!

Just like the legendary Jennifer Lawrence and her spicy wing moment, we often hear the question, “What exactly do you mean? What is CX?” Whether we’re chatting with people applying for remote positions at Instant Teams or conversing with our champions and supporters, it’s a common conversation point.


So if you’ve ever felt like you needed a cheat sheet to navigate the wild world of Customer Experience? Yeah, we get it. It’s not exactly a new idea, but as a specialized part of a growing industry, it’s changing fast. That’s why we decided it’s time to whip up a quick guide to walk you through all the nitty-gritty details of the CX space.

Customer experience, customer support, and customer success are all crucial aspects of a company’s interaction with its customers, but they focus on different stages and aspects of the customer journey:

Customer Experience (CX): CX refers to the overall perception a customer has of a company based on all their interactions and experiences with that company across various touchpoints, including marketing, sales, product usage, and includes the pillars of customer support and customer success. It’s about the entirety of the customer journey and aims to ensure that each interaction with the company is positive and consistent.

Customer Support: Customer support involves providing assistance and resolving issues that customers encounter with a company’s products or services. This typically includes activities such as answering inquiries, troubleshooting problems, providing technical assistance, and handling complaints. Customer support is usually reactive in nature, focusing on addressing specific customer needs and concerns as they arise.

Customer Success: Customer success is about helping customers gain maximum value from a company’s products or services throughout their lifecycle. It involves proactively engaging with customers to understand their goals, offering guidance and resources to achieve those goals, and continuously ensuring that customers are satisfied and achieving the desired outcomes. Customer success is more proactive and strategic, focusing on long-term relationships and driving customer retention and loyalty.

Customer experience is all about how customers or users see a company overall, focusing on every step of a customer’s journey with a product or service. In our CX Talent Marketplace here at Instant Teams, with our remarkable and diverse talent community, our teams can either dive deep into one part of the customer experience or cover the whole journey, depending on who we’re working with and what they need.