Seesaw’s Commitment to Remarkable Military Spouse Talent

As Women’s History Month concludes, we are honored to spotlight a longstanding partner of Instant Teams, and notably, a champion of women in the workforce and military spouse talent. In an era where breaking into untapped and often underserved talent pools is increasingly valued, Seesaw stands out as a beacon of integrity and inclusivity. Through our solution-oriented partnership with Seesaw, they have not only enhanced growth and opportunities for military spouses through Instant Teams, but have also shown their unwavering commitment to the military spouse community by directly hiring many spouses into roles throughout other areas of their organization!

Meet Brittany

Brittany, an Active Duty Air Force spouse, commenced her professional journey as a Kindergarten teacher. Fueled by her educational background and strong family backing, she seized an opportunity when Instant Teams launched the Seesaw Customer Support team, which turned out to be a game-changer. Excelling in her role, Seesaw recognized her potential and offered her a chance to advance within the company. Brittany embraced this opportunity and transitioned into an internal role as a Product Marketing Specialist!

Reflecting on her experience, Brittany shares, “Seesaw has been completely life-changing for me, my family, and my career. To work for a company that values its employees and their families makes coming to work every day enjoyable. Seesaw understands that life happens and that is especially true for military families. Over the last 4 years I have been with Seesaw, my family has experienced 4 deployments, a PCS, and countless TDYs. Seesaw’s gracious mindset has allowed me to pivot in all of these changes. Whether that is adjusting my schedule or taking time off, Seesaw’s support was unending.

My career has continued to grow in the last several years. Stepping away from the classroom after many years was hard and scary. With the partnership between Instant Teams and Seesaw, I have found a career that I love and with some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Seesaw’s dedication to the world of education is very near to my heart and aligns with many of my career goals to have an impact on education.Seesaw is a company that I would recommend to anyone! It’s been such a blessing to my family and I am excited to continue on this career journey with them!”

Meet Kristin

Kristin, a Retired Army Spouse who also began her professional career as a teacher. “I was a Kindergarten and 4th grade teacher for 3 years before my husband and I started a family. I stayed home with my two children until they were 4 and 2 years old and then decided to get back into working. I considered going back into teaching, however, after 2020, I decided a remote job would likely work better for my family.” Kristin found success as a Customer Support Specialist at Seesaw, on the frontlines assisting students and families every day as they learn, communicate, and connect through the Seesaw platform. 

“Working for Seesaw has had many positive impacts on my family. I feel fulfilled in doing a job that keeps me connected to education and enables me to still be able to make a difference in the lives of children even though I’m not physically in a classroom. Financially, going from a single-income family to a dual-income family has allowed us to save more for our future and take away the stress of only having one income. Working remotely also allows me the opportunity to have a flexible schedule so that I can be there for my children’s special events at their school so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work for such a great company that prioritizes a work/life balance. I could not be more thankful for my job with Seesaw!”

Military spouses bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, making them an ideal fit for Seesaw’s mission-driven culture. Their adaptability, resourcefulness, and ability to thrive in dynamic environments mirror the company’s mission of providing every elementary student with joyful and connected learning experiences that lay the foundation for success in life.

By embracing these military spouse professionals (and leveling up remote work for military spouses), Seesaw not only expands its talent pool but also fosters a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and empowers every employee to reach their full potential. Something that Brittany and Kristin as well as hundreds of other military spouses who’ve worked on the seasonal customer support account with Instant Teams can all attest to!

Commitment to hiring military spouses not only strengthens a company’s customer experience workforce but also directly contributes to the success of its customers. By providing remote work opportunities to military spouses, Seesaw not only supports the “force behind the force” but also promotes economic stability for women in the workforce. 

Join us in celebration of companies who are committed to engaging, hiring, and retaining remarkable talent!! 

Cheers to you, Seesaw.

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