Do You See Being a Military Spouse as an Asset to Your Career?

by | May 4, 2020

What’s the best part, in your opinion, about being a military spouse?

Is it seeing places you never had the chance to see before? Friends becoming family? Healthcare (although it’s not always perfect)?

Well, what about the soft skills you gain along your journey—skills that make being a military spouse an asset to your career?

Okay, so the frequent moves are never easy on your resume. (That’s why, here at Instant Teams, we don’t look at your career in a linear way.) So, we’re here to change your perspective a bit, helping you uncover just four of many soft skills you bring to the table as a result of being forced to start over so often. Then, you can begin selling them as your “in” to stand out from the crowd of job applicants.

So, see for yourself why these in-demand soft skills (all of which you probably possess already) can translate into a viable career for you! 

    1. Flexibility
      Part of being a military spouse is remaining flexible amidst constant changes thrown your way. From the steady PCS-ing to the unexpected deployments, trainings, and more, you’ve learned to adapt to new situations and circumstances quickly. That said, being unfazed, for the most part, by change makes you a tremendous asset to any company. What team doesn’t want someone who has a willingness to bend and adapt to changing circumstances and expectations at the drop of a hat?
    2. Navigating unknowns
      You’ve spent a lot of your time becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’ve mastered the art of thriving in unfamiliar territory. Basically, you can take on any unknown, and do so with confidence. Not only does this mean you can handle stress well, but you’re also a critical thinking guru, both of which are super beneficial in a work environment.
    3. Learning new skills quickly
      There’s no doubt you’re a continuous learner. Even though your world might seem like it’s always changing, with new challenges and to-dos around every corner, you take on each mission with an eagerness to learn. And not only that but you become a master of whatever it may be in the most efficient and effective way. This constant desire to learn proves you have a can-do attitude, which, to some employers, is a more significant reason to hire than the hard skills you’ve acquired!
    4. Thinking outside the box
      And our friends at Blue Star Families agree. Given that you’re on the move every 2-3 years, you’ve learned to think outside the box when it comes to how you’ll make a rented house a home, how to keep the kids entertained on a cross-country PCS road trip, and even how you’ll wear all the hats for months at a time while your spouse is away. No matter if you consider yourself creative or not, the above should be real proof that this soft skill lives in each and every single military spouse! And companies will appreciate this because you show you have the capability to think outside the box, offering innovative ideas and solutions to make the sometimes impossible, possible.

All that to say, are you ready to throw your hat into the career ring so you can start making your mark on a 100% remote team?

Here are three job placement opportunities for you:
And the best part? They’re fellow milspouse-owned remote companies!  

  • VirtForce: Join the free job board where you can explore virtual and location-flexible career options offered by military-friendly employers. VirtForce also offers virtual masterclasses and 1:1 career coaching.
  • Freedom Learning Group: Are you a military spouse educator, curriculum specialist, or instructional designer? Freedom Learning Group has remote work opportunities available exclusively to you.
  • WISE Advise + Assist Team: This company has been doing incredible things since 2016, developing teams and onboarding business projects for its clients. The growing team of military and veteran spouses is highly-skilled in project management and virtual assistance.

And, last but not least, as we continue to work hard to change the landscape of remote work opportunities for military spouses like you, we invite you to join the Instant Teams workforce today! We’re constantly building out Remote Customer Support and Operational teams that put your unique skills and experience front and center.

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