Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight: Meet Heather

Meet Heather, an Instant Teams Remote Team Member. Heather is a Marine Corps spouse and business management professional with 14 years of experience. She’s worked in higher education, military support services, venture capital firms, not-for-profits, and data management.

Heather’s Remote Work Journey

Growing up in a military family and then marrying into the military, Heather has had a lifetime of frequent moves to different states and countries. She loves to travel, see new things, learn about other cultures, and enjoys taking photographs and collecting mementos from other countries.  

“The journey is what I live for, and the memories made along the way are what will entertain me for a lifetime,” says Heather.

Her background is in operations because she quickly learned it was a field that could be applied to various career paths when moving around so much.  

Heather’s journey into remote work began after facing yet another permanent change of station (PCS) move. After her PCS, Heather struggled to find a job and was unemployed for over a year. She started researching job opportunities, which is how she found Hire Mad Skills, now known as Instant Teams. 

She was thrilled when Instant Teams reached out with the opportunity to work for Squadra Ventures, a position she’s still in almost four years later. In her role as a Portfolio Operations Associate, Heather has grown her career in a position that combines her skill set and experience. 

Working at Instant Teams offers stability and career longevity. She’s also able to have a career while living abroad as an active-duty military spouse.

“The military spouse community comprises highly educated, adaptable, and creative individuals,” says Heather. “I have been continuously employed for three years in a job that allows me to be creative, use my operational and program skills, and continue to grow professionally.”