Fueling the future of work with remote teams

by | August 29, 2018

Join ModernMogul HQ founder, Marlyne P., as she asks Liza about the ins and outs of Instant Teams (previously known as MadSkills) and a modern workforce. On this episode, they dive into:

  • How Liza launched into entrepreneurship with revenue from Day 1  
  • Key skills and strategies she used to run her professional services business 
  • How she validated market need and became a co-founder
  • Trends in the Future of Work and how Liza is already thinking ahead 
  • Key leadership learnings you need to know and how she runs her teams while balancing timezones and family time 

Tune in here: https://www.modernmogulhq.com/podcast/fueling-the-future-of-work-with-instant-teams-with-liza-rodewald-with-on-demand-teams

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