Remote Work & Culture

Help is On the Way, Engage Your Kids While You Work

As the coronavirus continues to sweep across the nation with more positive cases each day, we have to deal with our new normal. At least for the time being. 

Being a 100% remote team gives us the luxury of still getting our work done in the safety of our own homes. But, with school and childcare closures across the nation, we have many team members that will be having to manage children during work hours in the next few weeks.

Many of you probably remember this funny work from home incident a few years back. It shows what can quickly happen during a work call even when it’s televised!

Kara Smith, Customer Success General Manager, is one of our team members who has been able to successfully home school her kids while working full time. After receiving lots of messages asking what she does with her kids while home and working, she decided to put a list of resources together for our team.  

We thought it might be helpful for YOU, too, and decided to share these useful links. 

Free educational resources:

Virtual experiences:

Educational shows and apps:

Indoor activities:


*Disclaimer – Please review the items above as they may or may not fit for your family specifically. Everyone has different values and beliefs, so it’s not meant to be a one size fits all.