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How Instant Teams Helped a Remote Team Member Achieve Career Advancement

When you think about the biggest perks of working remotely, what comes to mind?

Is it the flexible schedule?

Knowing you don’t have to commute to and from a traditional office?

What about being able to spend more time with family?

Well, if “no commute” was No. 1 on your list, you’re not alone. In fact, in a survey by FlexJobs, 84% of respondents named the lack of commute as a reason they prefer remote work. For Monica, an Instant Teams Remote Team Member (RTM), that benefit, coupled with the chance to spend more time with family and work a flexible schedule (one that aligns with her kids’ needs while navigating something unexpected, like a global pandemic), is empowering her to achieve career advancement with Instant Teams. 


A Snapshot of Monica

If someone were to ask Monica what it would require to live out the popular piece of advice “Follow your passion,,” she would probably respond “grit, patience and perseverance.” 

As a mother of three and a spouse to a Navy Veteran, her journey of following her passion art and graphic design is a winding one. (Isn’t everyone’s? It takes serious time. Learning. Discovering.) After earning her Associate’s Degree, she went down the IT path for nearly 10 years. During that period of time, however, she never lost sight of her career goals. Design was always at the back of her mind.

Fast forward to 2019, and Monica was putting in the hard work to earn yet another degree this time, her Bachelor’s. That’s when she learned about Instant Teams and the chance to land a remote opportunity. 

Building a Remote Career with an Innovative Company Comes with Many Perks

While Monica was pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, the idea of remote work was appealing to her. It would offer her the ability to expand her resumé in a way that fit her routine and schedule all while continuing to advance her education. 

“The flexibility of working remotely was appealing. I was still in school and I needed to coordinate finishing school and working.”

So Monica built her story in Arti with Instant Teams and landed a tech support opportunity with Instant Teams, which naturally fit her background and growing skill set. She reached a monumental milestone one year as an RTM! And guess what? Her time, energy and commitment to her work, paired with an immense desire to learn and further her education, placed her back in the domain she’s most passionate about: working as a graphic design RTM. 

“I get to do all the fun stuff – all the presentations, graphics, video editing (which are major components of the position), infographics and more. I do what I love. I don’t feel like it’s work – It’s fun.”

At the moment, Monica works part-time, which has given her the gift of flexibility. 

“Flexibility is important. I was wasting so much time [and money] commuting back and forth. That’s a lot of hours you can get back to spend with your family.”

More specifically, building a remote career with Instant Teams has allowed her to navigate her way through a few monumental junctures in her journey: homeschooling her kids throughout the pandemic and pursuing, yes, yet another degree her MBA with a marketing concentration (let’s send good vibes her way as she approaches her anticipated completion date of January 2022!). 


“This [Instant Teams] is definitely what has propelled my career because, otherwise, I would’ve been pretty much stuck.”

Monica sets a perfect example of what you can achieve as a Remote Team Member. With Instant Teams, it doesn’t have to be one or the other you have the flexibility and opportunities to really “skill up” and advance your career, all while being there for your family, navigating a military move, continuing your education, you name it. 

So, what are you hoping to achieve?