Instant Teams attends the Executive Order Signing for Military Spouse Employment

It’s a historic day for the ongoing fight to improve Military Spouse Employment. From the White House’s official announcement,

“Today, at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, President Biden will announce a comprehensive set of executive actions to increase the economic security of military and veteran spouses, caregivers, and survivors. Joined by First Lady Jill Biden, alongside service members, veterans, and their families, caregivers, and survivors, the President will sign an Executive Order that includes nearly 20 actions aimed at enhancing career stability and expanding employment resources and support for this community.”

This Executive Order includes the following:

  1. Directing the development of a government-wide Strategic Plan on Hiring and Retention for Military and Veteran Spouses, Caregivers, and Survivors. 
  2. Increasing Federal job postings utilizing the Military Spouse Noncompetitive Appointment Authority.
  3. Setting government-wide standards to improve the Domestic Employee Teleworking Overseas (DETO) program. 
  4. Bolstering access to child care for military families. 
  5. Providing additional tools to help retain military spouses and caregivers, in the public and private sectors. 
  6. Improving support for military spouses during transition. 
  7. Developing tailored resources for military and veteran spouse entrepreneurs.
  8. Improving the collection of data on military and veteran spouses, caregivers, and survivors in the Federal workforce. 
  9. Expanding training on the employment of military and veteran spouses, caregivers, and survivors across the agencies. 

Instant Teams CEO and Army Spouse Liza Rodewald was on site today for the signing of the Executive Order.

 “It’s been incredible to see the continued championship of solutions and opportunities for military spouses. Employment, underemployment, quality of life struggles – none of this will be solved with a single solution,” says Liza. “Each new opportunity to share the stories of military spouses, adopt best practices in new ways, and integrate deep channels of military spouse inclusivity through the federal and private sectors is where change will continue to grow. We were so honored to be a part of the Executive Order signing today and grateful to be a part of the changing narrative for the military spouse community.”