Instant Teams Awarded Air Force Contract


Instant Teams Awarded Contract to Build First-Ever Telehealth Solution for the U.S. Air Force

HONOLULU, HI – Instant Teams, a remote workforce supplier and management platform, announced today the award of a United States Air Force contract. As a predominant leader in the remote workforce space, Instant Teams has turned its focus towards the Department of Defense (DoD) to help solve some of their toughest challenges, starting with service to Hickam Air Force Base’s 15th Medical Group (MDG) located at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.


The 15th MDG & Instant Teams began collaborative research and discovery in August of 2019 to identify areas where the MDG could increase readiness, heighten operational efficiencies and modernize the unit for optimum service and effectiveness in a digital era. Through these strategic conversations a consistent problem emerged that carried critical impact on the MDG doctors and patients: The amount of time doctors were spending on administrative tasks, notations, and documentation processing after a patient visit had a direct and negative impact on time with patients, number of patients able to be served, and the doctors’ ability to focus on direct assessment and treatment time with patients. The lasting effects of these identified challenges also included budget impact and patient satisfaction.

In an effort to improve readiness and modernize the unit, the 15th MDG chose to adopt one of the medical industries’ most revolutionary technologies: telehealth. The current Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF), General Brown (former PACAF Commander) awarded the 15th MDG & Instant Teams Squadron Innovation Funds to begin development of a customized telehealth solution to help modernize the 15th MDG and it’s various clinics. GEN Brown specifically saw this telehealth advancement contributing towards the ‘True North Initiative’ by way of its ability to monumentally increase accessibility to Mental Health professionals as a ready resource to airmen with depression, PTSD, and other behavioral health issues.


Instant Teams will facilitate this modernization of the 15th Medical Group’s capabilities by providing an innovative Telehealth solution. The solution will centralize information and process through Instant Teams’ Automated Remote Team Innovation platform (Arti) while layering in the critical human element of medically trained & HIPAA compliant Virtual Receptionists & Virtual Scribes from Instant Teams’ remote workforce of 10,000+ military spouses, veterans and veteran spouses.

The results of this first-ever telehealth solution for the Air Force will be an increase in the number of patients seen by doctors, an optimization of time during appointments, and improvements in both the accuracy and efficiency of virtual notation & documentation processes. Upon launch of this Telehealth solution in January 2021, the 15th MDG & Instant Teams will collect extensive data to support the viability, sustainability, value, and impact on doctor, patient, and overall unit Telehealth services within the Air Force. These findings will support future work towards scalable solutions and implementation of telehealth services into other med groups across the Department of Defense.

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Instant Teams utilizes Arti, a proprietary remote team software, to build and manage teams of highly-skilled military spouses, a previously untapped resource. Instant Teams works with companies in diverse sectors such as cybersecurity, health tech, ed tech, and e-commerce to efficiently source, hire, onboard, manage, and retain a strong remote workforce, providing flexibility and opportunity for both customers and team members.


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