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Instant Teams Partners with Amazon to Offer Remote Work Opportunities for Military Spouses

Instant Teams Partners with Amazon to Offer Remote Work Opportunities for Military Spouses

New SaaS direct hire marketplace fuels Amazon’s Future Workforce Project to tap into underserved communities.

BALTIMORE, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Instant Teams, a WBENC and Military Spouse-Owned Enterprise-certified company that connects companies with quality military-connected talent remotely, is proud to announce a new partnership with Amazon on the multinational tech company’s Future Workforce Project. This project is aimed at connecting diverse, underserved talent with opportunities across the company, starting with military spouses.

Instant Teams is Amazon’s first partner in the military spouse remote work initiative and was a natural fit for the project. Instant Teams specializes in quickly building custom pipelines of remote talent from the largest database of military-connected candidates in the industry. With a 92% military spouse ratio and a strong diversity commitment, Instant Teams’ talent pool is helping to grow Amazon’s Seller Support Team and creating new opportunities for untapped remote workers.

“Instant Teams is excited to partner with Amazon; the military community is diverse by nature, and remote work naturally unlocks a lot of opportunities to enhance DEI efforts,” said Liza Rodewald, CEO and Co-Founder of Instant Teams. “And we have a robust talent pool that’s conditioned for the remote-work environment.”

Instant Teams’ soon-to-be released direct-hire Marketplace technology will flip the direct hire model on its head by eliminating the hundreds of hours spent sourcing and vetting talent. The combination of automation, access to direct hire pipelines of military-connected talent, and years of experience spinning up large support teams for companies makes Instant Teams a valuable partner in any business growth initiative.

“The partnership with Instant Teams was a natural fit. We had high volume needs for technically capable employees and Instant Teams has the mechanisms in place to both vet and verify that candidates have the skills we need,” said Beth Conlin, Senior Program Manager of Military Spouses for Amazon. “With this project we will bring 80 military spouses into roles on our Seller Support Team. Amazon has always valued the skills that military spouses bring to the workforce, and is committed to providing new opportunities to this group.”

This represents an especially exciting opportunity for military spouses as Amazon was recently named the most desirable workplace in the U.S. by LinkedIn. This ranking is based on the company’s ability to attract and retain talent and its skills growth and career advancement opportunities for all employees.

About Instant Teams
Instant Teams builds and manages remote teams using a combination of proprietary technology and the largest database of military-connected remote workers in the industry. Founded in 2016 by Army Spouses and entrepreneurs Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes, the company’s unique approach provides medium to enterprise-level organizations access to custom-built pipelines of untapped talent. Our robust talent pool boasts a 92% military spouse ratio, providing companies with a steady flow of ready-to-work, globally located candidates to build or scale any admin, customer, operations, and sales support teams in as few as seven days. For more information about Instant Teams, visit: