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Instant Teams Recognized as “Overall Remote Tech Solution Provider of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough


In March 2020, a global pandemic forced jobs and schools to abruptly shift to using various forms of remote technology. Many companies and their employees were caught off guard by this dramatic pivot in how to work, but Instant Teams was prepared! Founded remotely by two female active-duty spouses, Instant Teams supports military-connected individuals and untapped talent by helping them find remote employment opportunities through a unique technology platform solution. The company proved itself to be resilient – not just by having employees already comfortable with working remotely – but in securing Series A funding from Tiger Global, as well as unexpected business growth and success in 2021 while still in the midst of the pandemic.

Adding to the great pride that Instant Teams takes in their mission is the fact that they were recently recognized as a winner of the RemoteTech Breakthrough Award in the Overall Remote Tech Solution Provider of the Year category. RemoteTech Breakthrough is a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates and recognizes standout technology companies, products, and services empowering remote work and distributed teams around the globe.

In 2020, Instant Teams was also recognized as “Overall Remote Team Hiring Platform of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough. The mission of the annual RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards program is to conduct the industry’s most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the top technology companies, solutions, and products in the remote technology industry today. This year’s program attracted more than 1,450 nominations from more than 15 different countries throughout the world.

“What an honor it is to win another RemoteTech Breakthrough award. We are proud of the service we deliver. Military spouses, veterans, caregivers, and survivors are skilled, adaptable, and dedicated. In choosing to partner with us, you gain a competitive edge with instant access to the largest database of military-connected remote workers in the industry, all pre-vetted and ready to drive results,” said Liza Rodewald, Co-Founder and CEO of Instant Teams. “Skills are often a better predictor of job success than education or even past experience. At Instant Teams, we focus on the skills that allow your team members to deliver best-in-class customer support, operations support, or tech support. We’re excited to continue our mission of deploying skilled workers to instantly fill the employment gap companies have in their workforce while supporting the military community.”

As a remote team marketplace that uses proprietary technology, Instant Teams allows access to custom-built pipelines of untapped talent and provides companies with a steady flow of ready-to-work, globally located candidates to build or scale customer support, operational support, or sales support teams. The digital platform helps build effective remote teams by matching a company’s needs with the skills and abilities of Instant Teams’ community of military-connected candidates. Each candidate is authorized to work in the U.S., unlocking skilled teams, even for industries with strict compliance requirements.

The need for a scalable solution in the corporate, military, and government industries has never been greater, and with more than 600 remote employees, Instant Teams is uniquely positioned to help fulfill the need for a skilled workforce.

“Every business is going global, so having a workforce ready to meet 24/7 demand is essential. Building and scaling remote teams can be difficult – no matter if you’re looking to outsource or even just take things in-house. Access to custom-built talent pipelines of ready-to-hire remote workers and a streamlined process for developing teams is a game-changer,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards. “Instant Teams provides a faster way to build a remote workforce and partnering with them can put you on the road to success quickly by expanding your business’s potential with a talented remote workforce. Not to mention it being a wonderful way to honor our military families. Congratulations on winning ‘Overall Remote Tech Solution Provider of the Year.’”

Instant Teams works with companies in diverse sectors, such as cybersecurity, healthcare, and travel, to efficiently source, hire, onboard, manage, and retain a strong workforce, which provides flexibility and opportunity for both customers and team members. Instant Teams is thrilled to be honored with this recognition and looks forward to continuing to help companies employ military-connected individuals to meet the demands of today’s globally dispersed businesses.

Congratulations to all the winners! We’re honored to be recognized alongside the following companies: