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Instant Teams Success Stories: Meet Alexis

Instant Teams Success Stories: Meet Alexis

Each morning, Monday through Friday, you’ll find Alexis settling into working from home behind closed doors as a remote team member (RTM) with Instant Teams, all while her elementary school-aged twins log in to their virtual classroom.



But Alexis’ weekdays used to look a lot different to both herself and her children. While she explains she had become a “really good” stay-at-home mom, one daywhile navigating pandemic life, she let herself sit with her emotions. A wave of sadness washed over her because she just didn’t quite see her way back to a career that would work for her and her military family. That was until she connected with Instant Teams.

Our marketing team caught up with Alexis to learn more about her background, her journey to finding remote work with Instant Teams, and how a remote career has positively shifted life (and perspectives!) for her entire family.

A Snapshot of Alexis

When Alexis and her husband first learned they would be welcoming twins into the world, they made the decision for her to focus on growing their family. It’s not an uncommon one, especially in the military, as the service member spouse becomes committed to ensuring the service member’s work isn’t impacted by what goes on at home. After all, the mission depends on it.

That’s not to say that commitment is an easy one. For Alexis, it meant she’d have to leave behind a career in HR and customer service. Over time, she became a master of organizing play dates for her kids while also serving as the officer of the Mothers of Multiples Club, and supporting her active-duty husband.

She was great at wearing those many hats. But when the pandemic hit, reality sunk in. She never saw herself being a stay-at-home mom for as long as she had been, and she wasn’t so sure she’d find a way back to a role outside of being a loving, supportive military wife and mom.

That all changed when, two weeks after sitting with those emotions, she came across two words on the social media page of a friend. Those two words? Instant Teams.

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Connection through Community

Community. It’s something military families don’t take for granted. Through each move, spouses like Alexis sure know how to cultivate connections and build their support network. And because of that, in Alexis’ words, the impossible became possible.

She’d connected with a fellow military spouse and mom turned friend by way of her hometown and sports teamslong before she knew of what she did for a living. And when that friend advertised Instant Teams on her personal social media account, Alexis couldn’t believe what she was reading.

A company that connects a talent pool of fellow military spouses to remote work? Say it isn’t so.

Finally, her important title of “military spouse” could help her serve as a valuable asset on a team. Not to mention, her children could see her in a new lightas someone other than “mommy.”

Fast forward to today, Alexis is now a remote team member for Instant Teams. This was a welcome change for her and her family. And change in Alexis’ household is always celebrated with a meal.

How did she explain her newest role to her two young children during this occasion? She let them know their mom has dreams, just like them. Not to mention, it’s perfectly okay to have more than one dream. Sure, life will look a little different than they’re used to, and boundaries will need to be set, but they’ll continue moving forward together. It will bring a big shift filled with new possibilities they didn’t see possible before.

For Alexis and her family, those possibilities mean a greater sense of independence. For example, she sets virtual school alarms for her twins, and when they go off, they get started on learning for the day. Also, there’s fun to be had! After a busy week, they celebrate and fill up on adventure as a family on Saturdays (through activities such as rock climbing and going to the trampoline park), so they can tackle another work week.

We asked Alexis to sum up what being a remote team member with Instant Teams has meant for her, and here’s what she had to say:


“Me being able to work from home, I’m really happy that even though I’m working and I’m providing a learning environment for my children at the same time, my husband is able to embrace this because he knows I can still support his mission and chase some of my own dreams. It’s an all-rounded benefit to a military family.”


Ultimately, not only has finding a remote position with Instant Teams helped Alexis as an individual, but it’s also helped her family. She likes to say she’s thriving, her family is thriving, and she loves being able to give them an example of what a mother can do. All while being in a role that now honors the title of “military spouse” and the valuable experiences those like Alexis can bring to the workforce.


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