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Is It Possible to Survive the Longest Summer Ever and Still Thrive at Work?

We believe it is.

Your summer vacation plans have come to a screeching halt (or have tremendously changed). Your kids have closed the book on an anything-but-traditional school year and are looking at a depleted list of activities on the calendar thanks to canceled summer camps and sports. And even your seasonal favorites like pool dates, baseball games, and water and amusement park fun have been nixed, leaving you wondering:

How will I survive the longest summer ever?

Sure, this preferred season of many looks very different compared to years past. But with a little creative thinking power (which we know you have!), you can still make it a summer to remember while continuing to thrive in your remote work environment. Here’s how.

1. Book a virtual patio lunch date with a friend or family member

*Sigh.* The good old days of driving to your favorite lunch break spot to sit out on a bustling restaurant patio with your favorite people as restaurant staff breeze by to serve up refreshing seasonal menu items. Okay, sure – your favorite places to dine may be opening back up little by little. But, if you’re not 100% comfortable getting back out there just yet, we get it.

Instead, make the most of it and get a Zoom patio lunch date at home with a friend or family member on the calendar. It’ll force you to officially step away from your desk for a reasonable amount of time for a brain break while enjoying a casual, non-work-related conversation. Because we all know proper lunchtimes and connection opportunities have become strangers to us all lately.

2. Get yourself a kiddie pool. Now. And enjoy it after a long hard day of work.



There’s nothing that says summer quite like unwinding in a lounge chair by an invigorating pool on a scorching hot day with a good book in hand. Depending on where you live, however, the typical “escape to the pool or water park” days are on hold—at least for the time being. So, what’s a person to do? Buy a kiddie pool. Fill it up. And take some time to enjoy it after a long hard day or week of remote work. You deserve it.

3. Create a self-care summer routine. And stick to it.



We all need a little TLC, especially during times like these. And while this new season may look a bit chaotic between your remote work schedule and managing the social distancing lifestyle, you need to create a self-care summer routine. It doesn’t have to be over the top or time-consuming, by any means. Some simple ideas include:

  • Ditching the couch for some time outside (whether that means gardening, lounging in a patio chair, going for a walk; you name it)
  • Throwing on a face mask to give your sun-tanned skin a little refresher
  • Waking up earlier to start your day so you can log off from work earlier to enjoy more time with the family

After all, summertime is about slowing down, kicking back, and unwinding. That doesn’t have to stop during a pandemic. We just have to be a little more resourceful than usual.

4. Take your home office outside for a change of scenery. 


Before COVID-19 hit, were you splitting your remote workdays between your home office and your favorite local coffee shop? A change of scenery is always good for the soul. But, if you’re like us, you’ve been itching for a new view. You know, anything but the one you’ve been looking at for the last few months! If so, it’s time to make a new escape plan. Break free from the four walls of the remote work spot in your home. Grab your laptop and take your work to the backyard for the morning (before the temps start climbing).

5. Make a summer remote work playlist for a pick-me-up jam session.

Are you someone who just has to have music playing in the background while you’re powering through your remote work deadlines? Then go ahead and queue up a fun summertime playlist using an app like Amazon Music or Spotify. It’ll no doubt improve your mood and give you the boost you need to thrive this season.

6. Say yes to a safe vacation away from work.


One reason we’re labeling this the “longest summer ever” is, no doubt, because of the canceled vacations, summer camps, and so much more. Some are even going so far as to call it the “lost summer.” And with canceled plans comes canceled time off from your remote work position. Or does it? All hope doesn’t have to be lost. Consider a safe staycation (camping, anyone?) or a destination that’s within driving distance for a long weekend away. Or, even just requesting a day or two away from the computer so you can stay put and de-stress in a way that works for you.

7. Get comfortable with asking for help.

These days, we could use a helping hand more than we might care to admit. So, while you may be a bit reluctant, it’s time to get comfortable with asking for it when you need it. Maybe you need some additional guidance from a team member or your boss, assistance on a project because your plate is full, or even your spouse to pick up some of your slack around the house. Whatever it is, swallow your pride and ask for it because we’re all in this together.

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