January To-Do List for Remote Workers

January 10, 2017


The holiday frenzy is over and the new year is here. Time to get back to work, right!?! For remote workers, this can be a difficult transition. Separating personal from professional can be hard. Everywhere you look, something is calling for your attention. Do I finish the dishes or try to knock out a few emails?

The struggle is real. But we all share the same 24 hours. Thus, learning how to manage our time is essential. And when you’re a military spouse with Instant Teams, there’s no better feeling than done-and-done!

Use this handy January To-Do List to get a jumpstart on your new year. Set aside time this month to knock out a few things upfront. A clear plan will ensure you don’t get lost in busy and forget important things like booking a haircut. (Yes, personal grooming is a must even if you work from home!)


January To-Do List for Remote Workers. Do this in:


5 Minutes

  • – Purchase an Annual Planner. (The Best Planners for Powerful Women.)
  • – Schedule workouts into your calendar.
  • – Book routine appointments for the entire year (haircuts/color, teeth cleaning, eye exam).
  • – Set time to be with friends (Girls night out!)
  • – Track annual subscription renewals.
  • – If self-employed, mark when withholdings tax is due (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • – Start a journal to track your professional journey (good and bad).
  • – Download a professional podcast to add to your routine.
  • – Download a time tracking app. Try Klok for free.
  • – Subscribe to Pandora or Spotify for mixed beats.
  • – Jot down office supplies you need to order (batteries, ink, paper, pens, pencils).
  • – Identify a local club you want to join (photography, writing, coding)
  • – Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer want. Unroll.me makes this processes easy and fast.

Under an Hour

  • – Order new business cards. Moo offers fresh and modern designs.
  • – Pre-order branded stationary/thank you notes and stamps for the entire year.
  • – Set a timer and delete old emails you don’t need anymore.
  • – Organize files and shred old documents.
  • – Jot down your annual operating costs.
  • – Download an online app to track your cash flow statement. Try Mint.
  • – Set one major professional goal for the year.
  • – Order one professional book to read that will help you improve your MadSkills.
  • – Identify one professional networking group to join.
  • – Identify one online professional development class you want to take this year.
  • – Identify one professional conference you want to attend.

In a Weekend

  • – Prep for tax time.
  • – Organize your workspace.
  • – Identify 5 new snack and 3 lunch recipes to add to your weekly routine. 
  • – Select one hobby for the year that has nothing to do with work.
  • – Spend quality time with your family.

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