Military Spouses Are Uniquely Qualified to Improve the Customer Experience Realm

In recent years, the landscape of customer experience (CX) roles has seen a transformative shift, with military spouses emerging as key players. This demographic brings a unique set of skills and experiences that organizations highly value for CX positions.

The results bear out through significant enhancement of customer satisfaction and operational successes. Businesses looking for staff augmentation should recognize the unique value military spouses offer.

Where do Military Spouses Fit in CX?

Military spouses hold precious value for organizations looking to tap a broad and diverse talent pool. This phenomenon is largely attributed to the recognition of the unique skill sets military spouses possess, which fit the demands of CX work.

Military spouses’ lives involve navigating constant relocations, diverse military communities, and the complexities of family life. As a result, they grow to be strong communicators — both adaptable and resilient. Many military spouses also develop valuable business experience, managing their own businesses and other entrepreneurial ventures. A study by Syracuse University reports that 28% of military spouses have owned or operated a small business.  All of these traits are crucial for managing customer support and ensuring a positive experience.

How Military Spouses Excel in Customer Service

Military spouses stand out in the CX talent pool for several reasons. Their life experiences, shaped by the challenges and nuances of military life, equip them with a unique set of skills. What they’ve learned becomes highly applicable to customer service roles.

According to that same study by Syracuse University, more than a third of working military spouses occupy office, administrative, sales, and related roles. And the skills they develop in these can drive value for any CX enterprise.

High-Level Prioritization and Multi-Tasking Skills

Military spouses prosper in environments that require high-level prioritization and multitasking. Their ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously, while maintaining a focus on delivering exceptional service, makes them invaluable in CX roles.

Of the 6200 respondents interviewed, 75% felt confident in their ability to multi-task. This attentiveness ensures that each interaction gets handled with empathy and integrity. This skill set not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of overall CX operations.

Cross-Cultural Communication Skills

The transient nature of military life exposes spouses to a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. It equips them with exceptional cross-cultural communication skills. This exposure is a significant asset in CX roles, where understanding and respecting cultural differences can greatly impact the quality of customer support.

Seventy-five percent of military spouses report confidence in their problem-solving abilities. Military spouses bring a level of sensitivity and adaptability to customer-facing situations, enabling them to closely connect with a diverse clientele.

Professionalism and Integrity

The values instilled through military culture include professionalism, integrity, and a strong work ethic. These traits get etched deeply in the foundations of military spouses. The aforementioned study reveals that 84% of these spouses have some college education or higher, while 25% hold bachelor’s degrees.

These qualities ensure that they approach CX roles with a commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct and performance. Businesses benefit from their reliability and dedication, as military spouses garner trust and respect in customer interactions.

Additional Skills

Military spouses also bring a wealth of other skills to CX roles, including:

  • Remote Work Proficiency: Their ability to adapt to remote work environments promoted continuity and flexibility in CX operations.
  • Time Management Skills: They manage their time efficiently, ensuring that customer needs get addressed promptly.
  • Team-Oriented: Military spouses depend on supportive communities making them excellent team players in collaborative environments.
  • Technological Proficiency: Many have developed strong technical skills, enabling them to navigate complex CX platforms and tools effectively.
  • Strong Organizational Skills: Their attention to detail and familiarity with regulatory standards make them exceptional in roles requiring meticulous documentation and record-keeping.

A Unique Talent Pool

By tapping into this talented and versatile demographic, businesses can enhance their CX operations and ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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