Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight: Meet Caston

Meet Caston, one of our Remote Team Members. Caston is an experienced educator, entrepreneur, radio operations manager, and minister. He’s also one of our Peer Coaches.

Caston’s Remote Journey

During the pandemic, Caston left his job as a radio station’s operation manager and set out to find a new role. He needed one that would eliminate long hours away from home, improve his mental health, and allow more flexibility. Caston knew he wanted to work for a company that embraced remote work, and a LinkedIn search brought him to Instant Teams.

“Instant Teams has provided me with a new start in a digital world that I could have only dreamed of a few years ago,” says Caston. “At the same time, it has given me the opportunity to spend much more time with my wife and to work within the confines of my home. One cannot put a price tag on those gifts.”

While not military affiliated, Caston is passionate about the Instant Teams mission. He plays a critical role in our ongoing effort to secure employment for military spouses around the world. (Did you know you don’t have to be military-connected to work with Instant Teams?)Tracey and Cas - December 2018

“Caston is an invaluable asset to our team,” says his supervisor Sonya. “He is a pleasure to work with and always has an encouraging word.”

Caston started as a Qualifying Guide before being promoted to a Team Lead and, most recently, to a Peer Coach. His new position allows him to coach and encourage other Instant Teams employees.

In this role, he’s been able to continue to grow professionally, working to provide preeminent support on one of our customer accounts. 

“My life has always been about helping people, and one of the things I enjoy about Instant Teams is their focus on helping people,” says Caston. “My favorite part of the job, by far, is the coaching. There are few things more satisfying than watching team members improve as they provide for their families.”

Editor’s Note: This post was initially published in April 2022. It has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.