Remarkable Talent

Our Community Roots

In 2016, our dynamic military spouse founders, Liza Rodewald and Erica McMannes, forged a revolutionary path for remote work, military spouse hiring, and the customer experience industry.

As they navigated their own professional careers with military moves every 2-3 years, these visionary leaders recognized a glaring gap in conventional hiring practices. A spark ignited within them, revealing a powerful solution for companies hungry for immediate access to top-tier talent and the military spouse community craving flexible work options.

Since inception, Instant Teams has been a tech-enabled service trailblazer, laser-focused on remote work, skills-based hiring, and tapping into the extraordinary talent pool within the military spouse community.

We stand at the forefront as a customer experience talent marketplace, reshaping the destinies of military families by enhancing financial stability and delivering customized workforce solutions to our clients. Join us as we redefine the narrative of professional collaboration and empower businesses with the agility they crave.