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Outsourced work is helping these 5 industries cut costs and grow


Outsourcing use to be reserved for large companies with big budgets. Thanks to technological advancements, skilled professionals can work from anywhere in the world. That means, people like YOU, can leverage global talent without the expense of overhead or benefits.

Saving money seems to be the most prominent advantage to outsourcing. But, there’s a whole host of other benefits, too. Here are five industries successfully utilizing outsourced workers to speed past the competition.

Large Corporations

Large companies typically have in-house staff to cover most of their daily needs. But, on occasion, they need specialized help for projects that don’t warrant a full-time hire. In this case, it’s cheaper and easier to contract with an expert. Common examples include IT functions, CIO services, HR management, and data analysts.

Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners

While talented, most entrepreneurs and small business owners can’t do it all alone. Thankfully, many have recognized this and outsource their day-to-day tasks. This time frees them up to focus on core competencies like growth and income strategies. Most start with a bookkeeper and virtual assistant. Additional team members, like customer service and copywriters, are added as needed. This extra help has business owners experiencing cost savings and improved efficiency.


Startups are generally strapped for cash and thus have limited funds to hire talent. They need developers, but even entry-level salaries start at $60,000+ a year. Spending this type of money can blow a budget fast. So, a lot of startups – including big names like GitHub, Slack, and UpWork – contract these positions out to skilled professionals instead. It’s a brilliant way to get talent at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Personal Brands

Today, everyone’s an expert in something. Thus, authors and speakers are on the rise. Staying top-of-mind through social media, email marketing, and blogging is vital to their success. But, it’s also a ton of work. Therefore, many are outsourcing to expert writers, editors, graphic/web designers, and PR professionals. These specialized tasks don’t require full-time staff, just the right skill set on an as-needed-basis.


Nonprofits are mission based, so finding cheap ways to keep their organization afloat is essential. They also need qualified professionals to get the job done right. It’s a hard balancing act. But the rise in freelance workers has opened them up to a whole new talent pool. They now have access to freelance web developers, graphic designers, digital marketers, and accountants. None of which require payroll taxes, health insurance, or worker’s compensation. Outsourcing these services saves them tons of money. Plus, it gets them access to industry professionals who they normally couldn’t afford.

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