Real House Lives of Remote Working Professionals: The Quarantine Season

Our community is no stranger to crisis management. Not to mention, our team’s families aren’t strangers to solo parenting, working through hardship, and leaning on each other for assistance in times of need.

So, we figured we’d shine the spotlight on how some of our remote team members from all across the globe manage remote work life and the global COVID-19 crisis at hand. Nothing edited, and nothing preplanned. Just life and work as it happens. We hope you enjoy binge-watching the Real House Lives of Remote Working Professionals: The Quarantine Season!

Episode 1 | Erica, Full-Time COO and Mom of 2 in Virginia
Erica kicks us off with an overview of what to expect this season and how VA is handling school work during this time.

Episode 2 | Bri, Customer Success Specialist and Dog Mom in Puerto Rico
Bri gives viewers a tour of her home in Puerto Rico and shares how she keeps her workflow going (yes, even when working outside amongst falling iguanas!).

Episode 3 | Katie, Marketing Manager, Mom of 2, and Dog Mom in Colorado
Katie finds her groove working from home with added responsibilities of keeping her kids entertained without too much screen time.

Episode 4 | Eryn, Workforce Development Specialist and Mom to 2 Tod-zillas in Georgia
Eryn shares how she keeps her toddlers busy with bubble wrap and considers letting them play in shaving cream.

Episode 5 | Lewanda, Customer Success Team Member and Boy Mom in Japan
Lewanda shows off her OCONUS space and gives an update on the status of COVID-19 in another part of the world.

Episode 6 | Liza, CEO and Mom of 4 in Hawaii
Liza shares her secrets for getting a full day of work done even with four kids at home.

Episode 7 | Kaylee, Graphic Designer and Boy Mom in Kansas
Kaylee shows off her remote work space and explains why taking breaks can keep your momentum going.

Episode 8 | Maria, Customer Success Specialist, Chef and Dog Mom in Germany
Maria shares her story about finding remote work with Instant Teams and gives a COVID-19 report from Germany.

Episode 9 | Dawna, Remote Team Coordinator and Mom of 3 Teens and 10 Animals in Virginia
Dawna tries to get work done with a cat on her keyboard and shares how she’s giving back to her community by donating hand-sewn hospital masks.

Episode 10 | Kara, Business Manager and Mom of 3 in Georgia
Kara is no stranger to keeping her kids home! As a homeschool mom and full-time remote employee, she shares some of her best strategies for keeping kids engaged while getting her work done.

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