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Remote Team Successes: Effective Flow Connections

“Everything they’ve done in building their business has been so intentional.              Hiring through Instant Teams really is a win-win.

“I met the Instant Teams [previously known as MadSkills] founders, Erica and Liza, at Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE).  I was immediately impressed by what they are doing. I’ve hired one military spouse from MadSkills as a contractor and she’s been with me for about six months. She’s serving in a Virtual Executive-Level Assistant role and has taken on a range of activities. She’s exactly what I was looking for; she is awesome!


I’m a veteran myself.  I understand moving frequently and never fully growing roots. I met a lot of talented military spouses during my time on Active Duty in the Air Force. They’re motivated, organized, incredibly resourceful and adaptable. Businesses would be lucky to have them as team members and should look for ways to incorporate remote work into their operating models.   

Instant Teams is providing such a fabulous service to companies and giving back to our military community. I think a lot of people and companies are passionate about that, but aren’t always sure how to do it. Using Instant Teams combines two important things: Supporting our military community and allowing businesses to hire really talented people in virtual roles..

I tell so many people about Instant Teams. I’ve probably sent the website to thirty people because I am excited by everything they are doing. As a DirectHire client, I love that Instant Teams has the option to pay for the subscription when you need it. That’s critical for a small business like Effective Flow Connections. Everything they’ve done in building their business has been so intentional. Hiring through MadSkills really is a win-win.”

– Kandis Porter

Effective Flow Connections is a management consulting business, providing outstanding consulting services through highly motivated and effective team members.