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Seeing More Remote Opportunities Come Your Way from Instant Teams? Here’s the 411

Seeing More Remote Opportunities Come Your Way from Instant Teams? Here’s the 411

Have you noticed us posting more and more remote job opportunities you can apply for, but you’re wondering if it’s all too good to be true?

You’re not alone. It’s been a hot topic of conversation among our talent community. We’re here to give you the rundown so you can feel nothing short of confident in the remote opportunities we’re scouting out and broadcasting to you.

First, what’s up with all the “Instant Interviews” and “Instant Placement” opportunities?

Lately, it seems like we’re frequently sharing invites and posts to participate in Instant Interview or Placement events for specific accounts. And no, the higher frequency isn’t due to turnover in any particular position. 


You’ll be seeing these because:

  1. We work with companies that are ready to build large teams fast. That means much more remote team member (RTM) opportunities. Talk about exciting! And…
  2. Companies have often loved the RTMs we match them with so much that they want to find more members from our community to join them!

For those reasons, we’re ramping up these exclusive hiring events Instant Placements and Instant Interviews as new and improved ways to quickly and efficiently connect YOU with quality remote work opportunities!


How does Instant Teams vet these opportunities? Can I trust they’re what you say they are — high quality?

We have a thorough vetting process for partnering with companies all over the country to deliver high-quality, authentic remote opportunities to you. To help us carry out that mission, each company we partner with recognizes the value and talent a military spouse can bring to the company.

Ultimately, we’re a professional organization, and we’ll only provide professional roles for remote talent. We take the time to ensure our partner companies have both the hours and the income to bring on a Remote Team Member and have them on the team for the long term. Plus, they must have a desire to bring on even more Remote Team Members in the future!


Does having a winning Arti profile still matter?

The short answer? Yes. We continue to use our exclusive software, Arti, to match your profile with available opportunities. And the more details you give, the better our matches. That said, even though we’re hosting more Instant Interview events, you shouldn’t hustle through this important step in the process. Take your time with your profile, share your talents and experiences and update it regularly!

On the other hand, there are some companies that may need large teams on a quick turnaround. This is the moment when owning your remote Instant Interview will be KEY! Get comfortable with the necessary technology, show up, be authentic, ask questions and use the content you created for your profile as your outline to shine the spotlight on your skills and experience.


Let’s get to (remote) work!

Now that you know the scoop on the real remote roles we’ve been sharing (and will continue to share) with you — are you ready to prep for the Instant Interviews and Instant Placement events on the horizon?


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