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These 5 Women-Owned Businesses Thrive with Remote Teams

Did you know more than 1,200 women launch businesses every day? And, they employ 7.9 million workers and generate over $1.4 trillion in revenue, annually. That’s a LOT of money! But what’s more impressive is the number of military spouses leading the force. They’re thriving with help from hundreds of women and men stationed around the world. Mostly through remote team work. So, in honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating five women-owned businesses. All five are trailblazers in remote team development and success. An untapped network of professionals helping each of these companies achieve success.

Lindsey Germono, Founder of Germono Advertising Company

Germono Advertising Company specializes in traditional media planning, purchasing, and management for businesses in Hampton Roads Virginia. They also offer marketing coaching sessions to businesses of all sizes located over the world. Lindsey works with  brand associates and  senior marketing coaches. All work remotely helping Lindsey with marketing creation and distribution for multiple clients.


Jennifer Pilcher, Founder of MilitaryOneClick

MilitaryOneClick seeks to enhance the lives of service members and their families. They do this by connecting their audience to the latest in career tools, educational opportunities, and financial assistance. Jen founded MilitaryOneClick on an all-remote philosophy. She started with one virtual business administrator and an outsourced web developer. Over six years, she added 10 full and part-time contractors to team MOC. Team members are located in all time zones and specialize in social media management, events, partnerships, and blogging.   


Kathy Roth-Douquet, Founder of Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families assists military families through career development, caregiving, and research.  They strive to better understand and provide solutions to the challenges facing today’s military families.  What started as a small group of military spouses has grown to 150,000 members and 35 community chapters. They are powered by a mostly all-remote team of 50 volunteers, 29 staff members, and 12 contractors. Their mad skills include content creators, digital educators, web developers, customer support, and more.


Lisa Bradley & Cameron Cruse, Co-Founders of R. Riveter

R. Riveter is an American handbag company. Their mission is to provide mobile, flexible income. Each bag is handmade by a military spouse riveter, working remotely from their assigned duty location. Their remote team consists of approximately 30 people who assist with production, design, human resources, bookkeeping, and marketing.


Erica McMannes & Liza Rodewald, Co-Founders of Instant Teams

Instant Teams creates and manages the remote workforce for companies across the nation. Since their launch in fall of 2016, they’ve worked with over a hundred companies to narrow in on what quality delivery of a talented remote teams means. Their method of remote team creation and delivery has several components that are designed to ease the pain of finding talent and maintaining a remote workforce. Instant Teams is a woman-owned corporation founded by Army Spouses. Erica and Liza practice what they preach. Not only have they helped place more than 125 spouses in remote jobs, but they are also a fully distributed team as well. 

Are you a business looking to add to your remote team? Instant Teams can help you find a qualified candidates. Contact us, today!