When Uncertain Times Hit Home, YOU Were Built for This

Travel restrictions.

Kids home from school.

Shelter in place orders across various counties in America. 

Rising unemployment rates.

Scarce or completely empty grocery store shelves.

Halted plans. 

Those are just some of the many scenarios we’re all facing as a result of COVID-19. And while the uncertainty of these times can be downright mind-numbing, we, as military spouses, have been primed to manage any level of chaos that’s thrown our way—throughout often unforeseen events, moves, and deployments.

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All jokes aside, as a community, we’ve gotten used to rolling with the punches, adjusting to changes made each and every day that are entirely out of our control. The result? We’re freaking resilient.

Yes, these are scary times. We hope that this will end soon, but the reality is that we have no way of knowing. So, while many of us have been forced to toss our regular routines to the side and adapt to our new “normal” of possibly working from home while homeschooling the kids, we’ve decided to put together a blog series to highlight this entire week, titled:

Become the Best Remote Work Professional You’ve Been Forced to Be

Why? Because, here at Instant Teams, we have an incredible workforce of 8,000+ military spouses ready to be deployed for remote work opportunities. We’re primed to take times like these head-on while continuing to operate to the fullest.

All that to say, we’ll be dropping insight and tips each day this week on the following topics to help YOU be the best remote work professional you’ve been forced to be during this time:

  • Tips & Tricks for Remote Work Life
  • What NOT to Do as a Mom (or Dad) Who’s Working from Home
  • How to Master the Art of Remote Communications
  • Real-Life Insights While Working from Home During COVID-19

Stay tuned right here on the blog and follow along on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for further updates!

We will get through this, together. And yes, we will come out even stronger and more resilient than we ever were before.